Powerful Water Flossers That’ll Give You a Brighter Smile and Healthier Teeth

Alicia Kort
Powerful Water Flossers That’ll Give You a Brighter Smile and Healthier Teeth
Photo: Drazen/Adobe Stock.

Have a plaque problem? Or perhaps you’re a regular coffee drinker who has noticed some stains popping up around your gum line? Whatever the case is, you’re not exactly thrilled with your oral hygiene. Brushing and that glorified fishing line isn’t just doing it for your teeth right now. If you want to take action and work to make your smile healthier, you should check out electric water flossers. 

We found the best water flossers for you. Water flossers are kind of what they sound like. They shoot pressurized water, which also sometimes pulses if you select that setting, at your teeth and gums. This water stimulates your gums, and according to Waterpik, one of our selections, says it removes 99.9 percent of plaque. It’ll also get rid of left-behind food debris from dinner and bacteria.

Dental irrigators might not be the most thrilling topic, but having healthy teeth is important. You don’t want your next dentist trip to be terrible because you racked up some cavities. Your teeth will also feel cleaner, which will make you feel more put-together. You’ll feel more confident when you smile for your selfie with your brighter teeth. Check out our four picks below.

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1. Waterpik Water Flosser


Waterpik Water Flosser

Image: Amazon.

If you’ve been wanting a brighter, whiter smile, check out the Waterpik flosser. In addition to making your teeth more camera-ready, the Waterpik is said to be 50 percent more effective than regular flossing for improving your gum health. There are 10 pressure settings to choose from and three classic tips, one orthodontic tip, one plaque seeker tip, one pik pocket tip and one toothbrush tip to floss with. There are also eight different colors of water flossers available, ranging from mint green to orchid.

2. H2ofloss Dental Water Flosser


H2ofloss Dental Water Flosser

Image: Amazon.

With the newest version of H2ofloss’s flosser, the HF-9 Whisper, you get a slightly less noisy water-flossing experience. This flosser has six different pressure settings, pulses 1200 times per minute and has a reservoir that stores 800 mL of water. You get 12 different tip attachments, including two tongue-cleaning tips and four jet tips, so you can get debris off of your tongue and avoid bad breath.

3. MOSPRO Water Flosser


MOSPRO Water Flosser

Image: Amazon.

This portable water flosser comes with its own 300 ML detachable water tank. You can easily fill the tank and won’t have to worry about it, as this design is totally water- and leak-proof. There are three modes to choose from—normal, gentle and pulse—when you’re cleaning, and you get four removable jet tips. The best thing about this water flosser is that it has a lithium battery, which means you don’t have to charge your flosser again for 7-10 days after charging. The design is It’s available in black, blue and white.

4. Water Flosser Cordless


ATMOKO Water Flosser

Courtesy of ATMOKO.

Unlike other water flossers, this option is totally cordless. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, which you can charge on the go. The flosser comes with eight jet tips, so you can customize your flosser to your needs. It was also designed with braces in mind and can get in those hard-to-reach places.

5. Water Flosser for Teeth

Burst Water Flosser

Courtesy of Burst.

This rose gold water flosser isn’t just pretty, it packs a punch and helps get food and bacteria out of your teeth. The flosser has three different settings: Standard, Turbo and Pulse, so you can shake those harmful particles off of your teeth. It has 360-rotating tips too, so it’ll be easy to use. Plus, filling it with water isn’t a big production, simply open the back of the flosser, turn off the faucet and fill until full.