The 31 Best Vera Wang Wedding Gowns of all Time

The 31 Best Vera Wang Wedding Gowns of all Time
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When it comes to creating wedding dresses coveted by brides the world over, Vera Wang is the undisputed champ. Think about it: You can probably tick off at least five brides—famous or not—who’ve worn her designs while walking down the aisle.

And while you might think of traditional white dresses when you think of Vera, the fact remains that she’s been a pretty admirable innovator in the wedding space during the last 25 years, understanding that not all brides want the same thing. As such, she’s constantly pushing boundaries on the runway by showcasing memorable collections that stray from the norm—bright red and pink gowns, black and white wedding dresses, even dipping fabric in tea. Yes, tea.

“I did that one year,” Wang told Interview magazine My design team dipped every single dress in tea in a bathtub. I did that just because I wanted to work out of the vocabulary of white.”

Since she opened her first boutique in 1990, Wang’s managed to parlay her bridal niche into a massive a lifestyle brand that includes ready-to-wear, accessories, fragrances, housewares, and collaborations, but she’s still the woman chic brides call when they want gorgeous, impeccably-made wedding gowns that genuinely speak to their personal style.

In honor of the designer’s 66th birthday, we took a look back through Wang’s archives, and picked out our 31 favorite wedding gowns ever—from classic white to slightly left-of-center pink to bold-as-hell red. Check ’em out now!