The Best TV Shows Returning This Month!


Have you been suffering serious withdrawal ever since your favorite show went on hiatus for the winter? Never fear– this month marks the return of a slew of your favorite programs. From Gossip Girl to The Vampire Diaries, we count down our most anticipated debuts.

1. Gossip Girl
Blair Waldorf and Co. return March 8 on The CW. Judging from the teasers floating around the internet, it looks like Little J is about to get in over her head with wealthy bad-boy Damien, played by Kevin Zeggers. Naturally, the wardrobe looks absolutely fabulous– we love Blair’s whole Anna Karenina meets Doctor Zhivago ensemble as she interrogates a Gordon Gekko-esque Chuck.

2. The Vampire DiariesCaption
The last time we visited Mystic Falls, Grams was dead and a new vampire was about to hit the scene. This runaway hit had us hooked from the beginning. Considering the current pop culture fascination with the undead, The CW jumped on the bandwagon at exactly the right time. And unlike a certain movie franchise, you won’t find any sparkling vampires here. We’re guessing this is due to the somewhat darker side of creator Kevin Williamson. After all, Williamson is the writer behind the Scream franchise as well. The show returns March 15.

3. 90210Caption
We have so many questions about 90210 that need to be answered: Will Naomi and Ivy continue to battle? Will Silver and Teddy hook-up? Has Mr. Matthews become an alcoholic? Looks like we’ll have to tune in to The CW on March 9 to find out.

4. America’s Next Top Model
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Can you believe that America’s Next Top Model has racked up 14 seasons? By now, you would expect the show to feel blandly predictable. There’s bound to be tears, fights, and diva attitudes, if past seasons are any indication. However, with the announcement that Andr Leon Talley, Vogue’s editor-at-large, is set to join the judge’s table, we wouldn’t dare miss an episode of the upcoming season. Cycle 14 of ANTM premieres March 10 on The CW.

5. FlashForwardCaption
The premise of FlashFoward seems pretty basic– on October 6, everyone on Earth blacked out for two minutes and seventeen seconds. In that moment, the world saw the future. Similar to Lost, this is the kind of show in which you can expect plenty of frustrating (yet intriguing) questions to arise. With a cast that includes John Cho, Gabrielle Union, and the other cute Fiennes brother, Joe, we’re looking forward to the show’s return, which airs on ABC on March 18.

6. Melrose PlaceCaption
Wow, The CW sure loves shows about beautiful people with ugly problems. Maybe Melrose Place doesn’t pack the same punch as Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries, but we’re addicted to the drama anyway. The show returns March 9.

7. United States of TaraCaption
Golden Globe winner Toni Collette returns as America’s most dysfunctional mother. Juno writer Diablo Cody has created a character that’s not only unpredictable and fascinating, but surprisingly lovable. With Cody behind it, you would think that the show would be awash in hipster lingo and a soundtrack featuring obscure indie bands, but instead it’s dedicated to the quality of the characters and an integral appreciation for family. United States of Tara returns to Showtime March 22.

8. Dancing With The Stars89314 1267678407 The Best TV Shows Returning This Month!
We admit it– there’s one major reason why we’re excited to watch this season’s Dancing with the Stars. Need a hint? He’s a towering figure skater that recently won the gold. In addition to Kate Gosselin, Pamela Anderson, and Shannen Doherty, Olympian Evan Lysacek abandons the ice rink for the dance floor. Are his moves off the ice just as good as they are on it? Find out when Dancing with the Stars returns March 23 on ABC.

9. V
It’s like The X Files without the confusing mythology. The show barely has five episodes under its belt, but we think it has a lot of promise. ABC’s V returns March 30.

10. The PacificCaption
From the creators of HBO’s critically-acclaimed Band of Brothers comes The Pacific. The 10-part mini-series focuses on the intertwined stories of three U.S. Marines battling with Japan on the Pacific front during World War II. Even if you’re not that into war dramas, it looks like The Pacific may have something for everyone. The first episode debuts March 14.

11. Nurse JackieCaption
If you’re tired of Grey’s Anatomy, you might want to check out Showtime’s Nurse Jackie for your hospital drama fix. Golden Globe nominee Edie Falco stars as Jackie Peyton, a less than perfect, Vicodin-popping, ER nurse at All Saints’ Hospital in New York City. Season 2 premieres on March 22.

12. Celeb Rehab: Sober HouseCaption
Oh Dr. Drew, we just can’t quit you. Past Celebrity Rehab alumni including Heidi Fleiss, Tom Sizemore, Dennis Rodman, and Kari Ann Peniche are officially out of treatment. However, these celebs must now deal with the transitional period between leaving rehab and getting back into the outside world– with Dr. Drew’s help, of course. Considering the group at hand, we’re sure this season doesn’t stand a chance at being drama-free. The show premieres on VH1 on March 11.

13. Breaking Bad89319 1267678721 The Best TV Shows Returning This Month!
First Mad Men and now the Emmy Award-winning Breaking Bad— it appears that AMC is making a name for itself as a top producer of compelling original television dramas. Starring Bryan Cranston, the show centers around a troubled high school chemistry teacher who puts his laboratory skills to criminal use. Season 3 starts March 21.

14. Ghost Whisperer89320 1267678793 The Best TV Shows Returning This Month!
Jennifer Love Hewitt is back and ready to communicate with the dead in CBS’ Emmy-nominated Ghost Whisperer. Season 5 returns on March 5. In celebration of the show’s 100th episode, it is directed by none other than Ms. Hewitt herself.

15. ParenthoodCaption
Lauren Graham returns to primetime in Parenthood, co-produced by Ron Howard and Justin Katims. The show, which premiered on NBC earlier this week, is about a multi-generational family dealing with complicated interrelationship dynamics. We’re excited to see Graham back on the small screen– we’ve been missing her since Gilmore Girls ended.

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