Best TV Shows Coming Back: Mid-Winter Pseudo Prozac!

Best TV Shows Coming Back: Mid-Winter Pseudo Prozac!
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This morning, as I watched my daily episode of Boy Meets World on ABC Family (yes its my favorite channel and yes I’m 23 years old), I couldnt help but get really excited when I saw that my favorite guilty pleasure show, Pretty Little Liars, is returning tonight! It, along with most of my other favorite shows, has been on hiatus for some time now. And frankly, the break has really thrown a bit of a monkey wrench in my life, actually forcing me to get off the couch, put away the remote control and be social on the week days. Well, theyre all coming back for the winter season, so it looks like back to the TiVo I go!

To fully understand my weird obsession with teen television dramas, Im going to need to paint you a little picture of my own teen years. Most important piece of information: I went to a single-sex girls school. The most exciting things that ever happened to us were the occasional after school trips to the all-boys school down the street to watch them play lacrosse, free-dress days, and dance mixers (and I use the word dance loosely it was more like a bunch of socially awkward kids standing around at their first boy/girl party).

It doesnt take a genius to understand that Im obviously using these teen dramas to vicariously fulfill the drama-filled, boy-crazed high school life I never had. A little weird? Sure. But make no mistake about it, were all really just teenagers at heart. So click through the slides above and get excited for the return of shows like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and a couple of highly-anticipated new series, like MTVs Skins. Which shows are you most excited for this winter?

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Pretty Little Liars
Monday, January 3, ABC Family, 8 PM

The Bachelor
Monday, January 3, ABC, 8 PM

Monday, January 3, ABC Family, 9 PM

How I Met Your Mother
Monday, January 3, CBS, 8 PM

Friday Night Lights
Wednesday, January 5, DirecTV 101, 9 PM

Modern Family
Wednesday, January 5, ABC, 9 PM

Jersey Shore
Thursday, January 6, MTV, 10 PM

Sunday, January 9, Showtime, 9:30 PM

Teen Mom 2
Tuesday, January 11, MTV, 10 PM

Big Love
Sunday, January 16, HBO, 9 PM

Monday, January 17, MTV, 10 PM

Kourtney and Kim Take New York
Sunday, January 23, E!, 10 PM

Monday, January 24, CW, 8 PM

Gossip Girl
Monday, January 24, CW, 9 PM

The Vampire Diaries
Thursday, January 27, CW, 8 PM

Sunday, February 6, Fox, following the Super Bowl

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