Our 9 Best TV Families

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Our 9 Best TV Families
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Are you enjoying your week at home with friends and family? We are too, but after the past few days of holiday hijinks, we could really use some alone time right about now. Or at least a little bit of a respite from our relatives.

Which is why we’ve begun to ponder other people’s families, or at least some of our favorite fictional families—you know, the ones that never seem to fight, that always look perfect, that laugh heartily over take out Chinese, and have ample bathroom space.

To that end, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fictional television families below. Take a look and share the families you wouldn’t mind being adopted by in the comments.

oc204 0033 Our 9 Best TV Families

1. The Cohens, “The O.C.”

These guys lived on the beach, were fantastically wealthy, and still managed to be super down to earth, too. Plus, they were graced with Peter Gallagher’s incredible eyebrows (considered the fifth member of the Cohen clan).

arr1 Our 9 Best TV Families

2. The Bluths, “Arrested Development”

Sure these guys are way dysfunctional, but how fun would it be to drink martinis with Lucille Bluth?

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3. The Huxtables, “The Cosby Show”

Seriously, who didn’t want to be adopted by the Huxtables in the ’80s? Well, we still do. They’re basically the perfect family, and we love their sense of humor (and their Coogi sweaters).


4. The Salingers, “Party of Five”

The sibling clan of the Salingers was a tightknit group that really took care of each other.

familyties Our 9 Best TV Families

5. The Keatons, “Family Ties”

Aren’t hippie parents the best? Plus, that would mean Alex P. Keaton would kinda be our brother.

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6. The Crawleys, “Downton Abbey”

Because, hello, wouldn’t living at Downton be fabulous?

The Gilmores

7. The Gilmores, “Gilmore Girls”

Rory and Lorelai are the coolest mother-daughter team ever, and plus we’d love to hang out at Luke’s diner and eat pancakes all the time, too.


8. The Walshes, “Beverly Hills 90210”

Minnesota Twins Brenda and Brandon (wow, the Walsh parents were deeply uncreative when it came to names, weren’t they?) had ridiculously wholesome parents, and managed to retain a deep sense of family, even in excess-filled Beverly Hills.


9. The Taylors, “Friday Night Lights”

Watching “Friday Night Lights” made us want to give up our lives in New York City and move to a small town in Texas.  

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The Taylor Family, "Friday Night Lights"
There's a reason why Eric and Tami Taylor are called the greatest couple in television history: Not only do they have insane chemistry with one another, but the Texas football coach and his educator wife are tough but fair parents to their teenage daughter Julie. 

The Conner family, "Roseanne"
They're working class, blue-collar folks trying to scape by, but Roseanne and Dan have something so many parents don't: A real, no-nonsense sense of humor. They don't take themselves or their situation too seriously, and always manage to get through to their three kids. Plus, who wouldn't want Jackie as an aunt? 

The Carrington Family, "Dynasty" 
Not only are they rich, powerful, melodramatic oil magnantes in 1980s Denver, but having Alexis Carrington in your family means unfettered access to gold lamé dresses, shoulder pads, and a staggeringly large selection of hats for all seasons. 

The Wysel Family, "Sex and the City"
In Season 2, Carrie dates a short-story writer named Vaughn Wysel and falls in love with his family, not him. It's easy to see why. Though the Wysels didn't get much screen time, the show perfectly captured their essence: Classic Upper West Side liberals who sit down to bagels and lox on Sundays, talk freely about sex, and live in an amazing townhouse. 

Jack and Elliot, "Will and Grace"
Though these two aren't a traditional family—Jack's a gay man who found out he has a son named Elliot after he donated sperm—we'd be first in line if Jack was looking to adopt this time around. 

The Taylor-Harris-Bradford Family, "My Two Dads"
Not as progressive as you'd think—Nicole Bradford's two dads aren't a couple, but rather two former friends who were competing over the same woman. When the woman dies, she leaves her 12-year-daughter in their care. Being part of this '80s family means having one buttoned-up yuppie dad, one cool artist dad, and a seriously sweet New York loft. 

The Brady Family, "The Brady Bunch" 
This blended family came together and ended up with six kids, which means you'll always have someone to hang out with. Plus, Mike and Carol clearly had no hangups about letting their teenage kids go out on dates. In fact, Marcia once went out with two guys in one night (douchebag Doug Simpson and nice guy Charlie, for those of you not as dorky as us.)  

The Huxtable family, "The Cosby Show"
If you wouldn't want to be part of this family, something's probably wrong with you. 

The Walsh Family, "Beverly Hills, 90210"
Jim and Cindy were a little too vanilla at times, but they managed to instill serious respect and family values into their teenage twins, even in excess-filled '90s Beverly Hills. 

The Bluth Family, "Arrested Development" 
Hey, what family isn't dysfunctional? Plus, how much fun would it be to drink martinis with Lucille all day?


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