A Comprehensive Cheat Sheet for Traveling Like a Boss

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Even the most experienced travelers have something to learn every now and then, whether it’s stealing an editor’s favorite travel beauty product, discovering a new way to save money on the road, or fresh inspiration for where to snap the most stunning Instagrams. With Labor Day looming, we figured we’d curate a bunch of our most helpful travel advice to inspire us all to travel like a boss this long weekend—and during every vacay you take.

10 Tips for Planning Your Dream Vacation on the Cheap
From pre-trip planning to travel hacks to use when you’re there, these tricks will help you spend less for an equally awesome vacation.

The 30 Best Day Trips from 10 Major U.S. Cities
In places from divey-in-a-good-way motels in New York’s Catskill Mountains to Cuban-inspired retreats deep in the Florida Keys, each of these 30 trips is easy to get to, affordable, and can be planned during the eleventh hour.

How to (Safely) Travel Alone as a Woman
Traveling alone as a woman, sadly, requires vigilance no matter where you are, and especially in foreign countries. Still, that’s no reason to cancel your plans—you just have to go about your trip in the right way. Enter these smart expert safety tips.

Travel 101: 27 Brilliant Travel Tips
Don’t let planning your vacation be so stressful that it takes away from your actual trip. These 27 tips will help you plan, pack, and, best of all, enjoy your trip with way less stress.

Exactly Where Zika Virus is Across the Globe
Since the World Health Organization declared Zika an international public health emergency, experts and amateurs alike have been trying to track the spread of the virus. Here, see a visual map and a breakdown of locations where Zika is now, where it may be headed, and where it’s likely to skip altogether.

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Instagram City Guides
Check out our individual guides that highlight the best, most Instagram-worthy sights in a dozen cities and counting, from San Francisco and San Juan to Paris.

The Beauty Products Our Editors Refuse to Travel Without
From soothing facial wipes to all-purpose balm, these nine products are the editor-approved must-haves you should add to your own travel toiletries kit.

21 Incredible Destinations for the Wellness Obsessed
If your usual vaca includes too many cocktails and hours spent lying by a pool, consider these 21 refreshingly healthy retreats, from body-toning boot camps by the beach, yoga in Bali, and meditation in India.

101 Travel Tips
A hundred tiny hacks to make you a smarter traveler, from beating jet bag to being a better plane sleeper.

15 of the Most Stunning Zika-Free Beaches Around the World
While there are preventative measures you can take to minimize your risk of getting Zika no matter where you live, if you happen to be looking for vacation ideas where you’ll have less to worry about on the Zika front, you have plenty of options, namely, these 15 gorgeous beaches.

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