10 TikTok Dances Guaranteed To Make You Go Viral (Maybe)

Jane Asher
10 TikTok Dances Guaranteed To Make You Go Viral (Maybe)
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When I first downloaded TikTok late last year, I planned to only use the app to scroll, never to post. I enjoyed watching the talented dancers nail all the best TikTok dances, I cracked up at the funny comedy edits, and I gushed over the cute dog videos. I loved it! Needless to say, I found myself scrolling the app for hours. Even though I wasn’t doing any actual posting, I was hooked.

Then March came around, and I found myself stuck at home for all 24 hours of the day. I needed both entertainment and something to get my butt up off the couch, and running around the block with a protective face mask on didn’t strike me as all that appealing. As a former dancer, I felt that the TikTok dance challenges were calling my name. I set my phone up on my media console, turned on the G6 filter (aka the TikTok “pretty” filter), and got to dancing. I caught on to some of the dances pretty quickly and needed a little more ~rehearsal time~ with others. But in the end, I had a ton of fun.

Just 15 minutes of allowing my brain to focus on something other than what was happening in the world around me—plus breaking a little sweat, too–ended up being exactly what the doctor ordered. Now, I’m compelled to urge you to give it a go. You’re not too old! You can master the moves! Don’t be afraid of a good TikTok dance challenge; it’s all in good fun, and not meant to be taken too seriously—unless you’re Charli D’Amelio and making thousands of dollars off of every video. In that case, do you.

To start you off, I’ve rounded up some of the easier dances on the app below, ones that you’ll be able to learn in no time. Happy dancing!

1. Why Is Everything Chrome?

I mean…If Hailey and Justin can do it, you can too.

2. Savage

This one is actually pretty easy to master after a few tries, since it’s slow and the moves mirror the lyrics. Just channel your inner Stallion and go for it!

3. Say So

This is the bop that made Doja Cat a TikTok icon. It’s also another slow-ish song where the lyrics match the dance moves, so you’ve got this.

4. Roses (Part 1)

Three arm movements, one hip movement. That’s all you have to learn. Any questions?

5. Roses (Part 2)

This version of the “Roses” remix is even easier. You don’t even have to find the rhythm!

6. Just Do It Dance Off

Bored in the house with a friend? Try this dance-off style routine—may the best TikTok-er win!

7. What’s My Name

This one may look a bit challenging, but after a few practice rounds, you’ll be dancing like RiRi in no time.

8. Sunday Best

Another slow song with fun moves, this dance is easy-peasy. Promise!

9. Can’t Touch This

The first half of this dance is freestyle, and the second half is essentially the macarena. Definitely a good routine for those of you who are new to choreo.

10. Out West

If Charli D’Amelio’s famously dance-challenged sister, Dixie can master this number, you can too. No shade, love ya, Dixie!

Bonus: Savage, Tiger King Style

Trust me, you won’t be able to get the lyrics of this version out of your head for days. What’s happenin’?!

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