The 25 Best Taco Recipes Ever—We Swear!

Screen shot 2015-06-18 at 11.12.36 AMThe perfect chicken taco recipe. Just add Corona. (Photo: Dine & Dash)

We don’t eff around when it comes to tacos, guys: We take them very seriously. Which is why we’re always on the hunt for new ways to make them, and tips to perfect the classics. So, now that summer’s just about here, we’ve done you a favor and rounded up 25 best tacos recipes we’ve come across.

Whether you’re a die-hard carnivore or a staunch vegan, there’s a taco in here for everyone. Read on, and let you know if we’re missing your favorite recipe!

1. Classic chicken tacos with the works. Just add Corona.

2. These spicy shrimp tacos with southwest avocado sauce are a summer must-try.

3. Keep things simple with this recipe for all-American beef tacos.

4. This easy recipe for Korean pork tacos with kimchi and queso fresco makes 12 tacos, so it’s perfect for entertaining.

5. BBQ margarita chicken tacos with sweet jalapeno margarita salsa is pretty much what your summer needs.

BBQ-Margarita-Chicken-Tostadas-with-Sweet-Jalapeño-Margarita-Salsa-15BBQ margarita chicken tacos (Photo: Half Baked Harvest

6. A creative take on a classic: apple and chicken tacos with pumpkin mayo

7. Yum: Chipotle flank steak tacos with salsa verde. 

8. If you’re looking to shake things up, try these Vietnamese banh Mi Street Tacos

9, These So-Cal street tacos aren’t only authentic but they’re easy to make. All you need are corn tortillas, cilantro, onion, chicken thighs or skirt steak, and garlic.

10. For vegans, these mango peanut tempeh tacos are a win.

IMG_2015_04_13_03777-cropped (1)Photo: Love & Lemons 

11. Yum: Chorizo tacos with potato and spinach

12. Another easy taco recipe: spicy chicken tacos with feta, corn, and avocado

13. Decadent: Korean fried chicken tacos with sweet slaw, crunchy noodles, and queso fresco.

14. These Jamaican jerk chicken tacos are ready in 20 minutes. Boom.

15. Grilled fish tacos with lime cabbage slaw: healthy and delicious.

grilled fish tacos crop The 25 Best Taco Recipes Ever—We Swear!Grilled fish tacos! Photo: Cooking Classy

16. Even non-vegans will love these grilled marinated hearts of palm tacos with spicy cabbage slaw.

17. How good do chili-rubbed mahi-mahi tacos with grilled mango salsa sound?!

18. Perfect for vegetarians: Sweet potato and avocado tacos.

19. Duck confit tacos aren’t as swanky as they sound.

20. Slow-cooker puled pork tacos with sweet chili slaw is a breeze to make.

porkt 2 The 25 Best Taco Recipes Ever—We Swear!Photo: How Sweet It Is

21. Interesting: Salmon tacos with Thai curry sauce

22. Classic and healthy: Steak tacos with chimichurri sauce

23. These bok choy tempeh tacos are a vegan favorite.

24. Low-carbing it? Try these cilantro lime turkey tacos wrapped in lettuce.

25. You need these fried Baja fish tacos with crema, slaw, salsa, Cojita and avocados in your life, people.

BHG-Baja-Fish-Tacos-4Baja tacos FTW. (Photo: Half Baked Harvest