Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time


Everyone seems to have an opinion come Super Bowl time. Who will win the big game; what player will be named MVP; which coach will call the perfect play at the perfect time, resulting in the perfect touchdown. Well, it seems as if the real water cooler talk that happens the following morning always revolves around what’s airing between those big plays: the Super Bowl commercials. With companies spending literally millions of dollars for seconds of your attention, they usually don’t disappoint. Best of all — you don’t need to know the difference between a flea flicker and a false start to enjoy these entertaining few minutes of Super Bowl Sunday. Let’s see if Super Bowl XLIV can live up to these past commericals:

E*Trade: We Just Wasted $2 Million Bucks (1999)

The title says it all. $2 million for a 30 second spot featuring a jumping monkey and two old guys in flannel shirts. Make fun of yourself. Get people talking. Makes me want to go out and buy stocks immediately!

Reebok: Terry Tate Office Linebacker (2003)

What better way to advertise during the biggest football game than with a big football player? Every office could use an employee like Terry Tate to help streamline operations. Major props to Reebok for an all-time best campaign.

Bud Light: Wardrobe Malfunction (2005)

The next most talked about popular topic at the water cooler following Super Bowl Sunday is the halftime show. Well, Bud Light came up with this gem of an ad following the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction in 2004. And to think, all that controversy was caused by a beer bottle! Who knew?

Apple: Introduces Macintosh (1984)

“And you will see why 1984 won’t be like 1984.” This commercial still holds up 26 years later. Apple has always been an innovator and this ad is no exception.

Pepsi: Nothing Else Is a Pepsi (1995)

Coke and Pepsi delivery guys set aside their differences for a second. Yeah, and that lasted just a second. According to this commercial, Pepsi wins the Pepsi challenge — then things go awry…

Diet Pepsi: Michael J. Fox Has A New Neighbor (1987)

Diet Pepsi seems to be in even higher demand as 1980s TV superstar Michael J. Fox goes a little out of his way to impress his attractive new neighbor. The best part of this commercial — seeing the old Diet Pepsi slogan, “The Choice of a New Generation.”

E*Trade: Talking Baby (2008)

E*Trade is still wasting money on Super Bowl commercials, and leaving quite the impression along the way. Everyone loves babies. Especially ones that talk! And throw up! And buy stock! If a baby can do it, you can do it.

McDonald’s: Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird “The Showdown” (1993)

The NBA has something to say on Super Bowl Sunday? Two of basketball’s all-time greats, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, go toe to toe in a game of horse for the last Big Mac. Off the ExpressWay, over the river, off the billboard…Nothing but net.

Budweiser: Nothing But Frogs (1995)

Bud…Bud…Weis…Bud…Weis…Errr…Year after year, Budweiser comes up with huge Super Bowl campaigns — this being their best of all time. Those frogs were a television mainstay for years to come following their 1995 hit.

Wendy’s: Where’s the Beef (1984)

Possibly the most famous three words in television commercial history — “Where’s the Beef” aired during the 1984 Super Bowl. Who knew three old ladies could send so many burger-loving football fans straight to Wendy’s following the L.A. Raiders big win?!

Coca-Cola: Mean Joe Greene “Have a Coke And A Smile” (1979)

Okay, so the music cue I can do without, but the rest of this commercial is a Super Bowl classic. Mean Joe Greene tries his best to be nice to this young boy tossing him his jersey after drinking his entire bottle of Coke. Seems like a pretty good trade for the kid!

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