Stay Focused & Inspired With These Spotify Playlists Perfect for Your WFH Routine

Billie Eilish
Photo: Rob Latour/Shutterstock.

With many of us in the workforce transitioning to a WFH (work from home) or remote schedule, staying focused and on track can prove harder than ever. Music can certainly help, and the good news is that the best Spotify playlists for work from home are the ones that you get to pick—not the ones your office or retail store gives you no choice but to listen to.

But if you’re not used to picking out music for your at-home office—whether that’s a nice desk by a window, your kitchen table, or your bed (we’ve all been there)—then knowing where to start can be overwhelming. With the endless curation of Spotify’s mood playlists, you sometimes can’t even be sure if their version of “Chill” is your idea of how that should sound. Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of WFH tips for you—including what kinds of Spotify playlists you can try for a listen or two (or if you’re anything like me, you’ll find your ol’ reliable and keep it on an endless loop).

Whether you’re a pop junkie or need something sans lyrics, there are options here for you. From atmospheric lo-fi beats, to droning binaural loops, and angelic instrumentals—find your favorite Spotify WFH playlist, below.

For pop lovers

After doing quite the deep dive, it seems like Spotify doesn’t think WFH is for folks who love to keep their listening habits to the upbeat tempo of a radio-ready single. But if you’re the type to get sleepy when listening to wistful indie songwriters (me), or get too amped up for the at-home EDM/house mixes, then keeping up with the pop darlings is probably your best bet. Go with your tried and true playlist, or take Something Navy’s WFH curation for a spin. With underrated gems like Doja Cat and Alessia Cara, to pop’s rising talent, Billie Eilish, you can’t go wrong.

For the chair dancer

We get it—you just can’t sit still. Whether that’s a stomping foot, a head nod, or a pen tapping on your desk, you need to keep something moving in order to keep the figurative juices flowing, too. Lo-fi beats are a great place to start, but for the real groovy goal-makers, you can amp things up with an instrumental funk playlist for a change.

For the one who needs to shut out the world

If you’re the kind of person who works in a profession where you’re constantly dealing with words, whether that’s writing or reading (oh hi, it’s me), then you might find yourself getting a little scattered when you listen to music with lyrics. It can pull your attention away for sure, and there’s no shame in that—just get yourself a playlist that dials down the noise. Generally, instrumental playlists are your best bet, and there’s plenty of range from classical to contemporary. But for deep focus, try out some binaural beats on for size. These duotone beats get processed at different frequencies by your ears, forcing your brain into a mega-zoned-in mode. For some, it’s even a form of sound therapy.

For the worker with house plants

Your plants like music, too! And honestly, listening to playlists for plants has had me wondering whether or not I’m a member of the photosynthesizing race, because these instrumental tracks are just that uplifting. They’re often full of whimsy, so if you don’t want to feel like you’re in a Disney movie, steer clear. But for those of us ready to live like Snow White, why not?

For the Star War’s stan

Plenty of us grew up watching the standout franchise, and even more of us love Disney’s The Mandalorian spinoff. If these projects prove anything, it’s that sometimes it’s really the cinematic soundtrack that gets things going. Turn your WFH routine into an action-packed journey by tuning into some of your favorite television or film soundtracks. We can’t believe it, but this Yoda-themed playlist—curated by in honor of Star Wars itself—is everything we didn’t know we needed until now.