The Cutest Spa Headbands to Wear During a Day of Self-Care

Alicia Kort
The Cutest Spa Headbands to Wear During a Day of Self-Care
Photo: Courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Sometimes, you just need an at-home spa day. Whether you’re recovering from a difficult week at work or some personal drama, a day of pamper can do a world of good. Organize a day of self-care that includes bath bombs, cooling eye masks and a deep conditioning hair mask. After your spa menu is set, put on your favorite ASMR video, queue up your go-to bad day movies, turn off your phone and relax. Sure, it isn’t the spa, but the spa doesn’t have all of your streaming services. If you’re recreating a spa day, you need a reliable and comfy spa headband. You don’t want your freshly washed and conditioned hair coming in contact with a deep sea mud mask after all. 

The best spa headbands are adjustable and personalized to the shape of your head, so the headband doesn’t fall off or feel too tight while you’re trying to chill out. They’re also made out of a comfortable and stretchy material that doesn’t irritate your skin. You’re trying to get perfect skin and you don’t want the piece of cloth holding your hair out of your face to cause a breakout. The headbands that we rounded up are a package deal, so you’ll get more than two or three that you can rotate in and out.

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1. Whaline Spa Facial Headband

Whaline Spa Facial Headband

Image: Amazon.

This headband won’t be too wide or too tight. It’ll fit just right, thanks to the magical tape that allows you to change the size of the stretchy headband. It’s made out of a comfy terry cloth, so you can wear it for long periods of time without it irritating you or your skin. It comes in three different sets, including a white, black and gray set, a green, yellow and blue set and a white, pink and black set.

2. LADES Facial Spa Headband

LADES Facial Spa Headband

Image: Amazon.

If you have to hit the road and want to feel a little luxurious on your trip, this roll-up headband will easily fit in your carry-on. This headband has magic stickers that make it easily adjustable, so you can keep your hair away from your face mask. This set comes with two little headbands. You can pick from eight different color combos to find headbands that suit your spa style.

3. Hicarer 3 Pack Microfiber Bowtie Headbands

Hicarer 3 Pack Microfiber Bowtie Headbands

Image: Amazon.

Putting on skincare products just got more fun with this adorable headband. Featuring a large bow, this microfiber fleece headband will keep your hair back. The microfiber fleece is fast-drying, so even if you get it wet, it won’t be that way for long. The bow might not have any specific purpose, but it might inspire you to take selfies while rocking it. You can choose between a white, pink and navy set or a light pink, light green or light brown set.

4. 4 Pack Microfiber Headbands

WILLBONDS 4 Pack Microfiber Headbands

Image: Amazon.

These headbands have been specially designed to fit your head comfortably. Some spa headbands have the tendency to slip off, but this one will stay in place—without being too tight. This set comes with four neutral-colored headbands, so you can alternate them throughout the week or use them for different purposes. You could have one for working out and another designated for face-washing.

5. LAXIZAR 10 PCS Bow Spa Headbands

LAXIZAR Bow Spa Headbands

Image: Amazon.

The distinct bow shape at the front of each headband adds a cute touch to your daily routine. But what’s most notable about these headbands are their fun colors and patterns. You’ll be glad to add all 10 spa headbands to your rotation, or you could even gift some to your friends and family. Plus, the ultra soft and comfy velvet will surely transport you to the spa.