15 Slogan Hats That Say It All

15 Slogan Hats That Say It All
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Sun safety: much more enjoyable when it comes in the form of a somewhat-goofy dad hat with a slogan like “FEELINGS” or “MySpace Famous” on the front, am I right?

While the straw boater, floppy-brimmed sun hat, and crisp Panama may be the official “chic” hats of summer, I’m partial to the less-serious baseball cap, particularly ones that feature winking, internet-y phrases or embroidered emojis.

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While I’m dying for the DSquared2 “Canadian Bros” one worn above by model Marjan Jonkman, I’m not about to drop over $100 on an accessory that I could likely find dozens of stashed away in bins in my parents’ basement. Spending $20 on a bubblegum-pink version emblazoned with a flying spaceship and the words “Get In,” however? Now we’re talking.

Even if the Tumblr-ish aesthetic will seem very 2K16 in a few years, if we’re learning anything from the return of chokers, Von Dutch, and Juicy tracksuits, it’s that all you need to do is hold onto it for a decade or so, and suddenly you’ll be ahead of the curve again.

Ahead, shop 15 ways to wear your ~*feelings*~ on your forehead.

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Feelings Cap, $32; at Unif

Denim Crown Hat, $29; at Millioneiress

Dope Tonal Script Baseball Cap, $32; at Forever 21

Leave Me Alone Baseball Hat, $24; at Etsy store lindsaybottos

Crybaby Blue Hat, $17; at Fresh Tops

Get In Cap, $19.99; at Kokopie

Real Friends Black Baseball Dad Hat, $17; at Fresh Tops

Rihanna Hat, $38.44; at Colette

Pizza Cap, $21; at NYCT

In Dog Years I’m Dead Hat, $14.99; at Etsy store RealRebel

MySpace Famous Cap, $42; at Dolls Kill

No Values Dad Hat, $25; at Lost and Found Bootleg Company

Katherine Peachy Cap, $15; at Brandy Melville

Adolescent Clothing Unavailable Embroidered Baseball Cap, $25; at ASOS

Mom Twill Hat, $29.99; at Etsy store AlwaysAgain

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