These Silver and Jewelry Cleaning Solutions Will Make Your Tarnished Pieces Shine Again

Alicia Kort
These Silver and Jewelry Cleaning Solutions Will Make Your Tarnished Pieces Shine Again
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You’ve probably thought about cleaning your silver jewelry a bunch of times. It always occurs to you when you’re searching through your jewelry box to find that silver bracelet or ring that’ll go just perfectly with what you’re planning on wearing to your friend’s birthday party. But alas, you find it and remember all over again that it’s tarnished beyond recognition. It goes back into the deepest corner of your jewelry box, so this happens over and over again, like Groundhog Day. 

You have a perfectly good bracelet that’s just sitting there, waiting to be worn. Let’s be real, you probably have a handful of tarnished jewelry that you’ve been avoiding dealing with. One quick dunk in silver cleaning solution, and it would be good as new. 

Cleaning your jewelry can be scary, because you’re worried that the cleaner could ruin it. That is a valid concern, but we’re here to help. No non-porous precious or semi-precious gems, like ruby, topaz, amethyst, garnet, sapphire, peridot, aquamarine, should go into the silver cleaning solution. Neither should pearls. If you have silver jewelry with these gems in them, take a trip to your jeweler and see if they can be sparkled up. It might go without saying, but any jewelry that is not silver, like gold, should not go into the silver cleaning solution. 

We rounded up the best silver and jewelry cleaning solutions for you. These solutions are strong and will restore your beloved silver bracelet back to its gleaming self. You won’t have to put your favorite jewelry in the corner anymore.

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1. Hagerty 7-Ounce Silver Cleaner

If you have a basket full of tarnished jewelry, a dip in this solution will have your jewelry looking brand new. Place your tarnished accessories in the basket and gently lower it down into the cleaner. As soon as the jewelry looks restored to its former glory, which might take as little as 10 seconds, pull it out. You might need to wipe everything down with a jewelry cleaning cloth to wipe off the solution. 

Hagerty Silver Cleaner

Courtesy of Hagerty.


2. Simple Shine Silver Jewelry Cleaner Solution

With this jewelry cleaner, you dip your tarnished silver jewelry for a total of 60 seconds and then scoop it out. Simple Shine’s Silver solution comes with a basket, so you can lower your jewelry down and pull it out without getting your hands full of solution. Unlike other silver polishers, this formula does not have a smell or odor. Once the solution is done cleaning, you should rinse your jewelry in cold water. Simple Shine claims that you won’t need to use a brush or polisher after the solution.

Simple Shine Silver Jewelry Cleaner Solution

Image: Amazon

3. Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner

If you have sterling silver products that are nearly black from years of being exposed to oxygen, the Connoisseurs cleaner will strip the tarnish right off in seconds after you lower your jewelry down in the basket. This product is best to use outside, because odor is a side-effect of the effectiveness of the cleaner. The silver cleaner does not come with a brush. Keep in mind that this cleaner is specifically for sterling silver, not silver-plated jewelry.

Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner

Image: Amazon