Here’s How To Find The Right Shoes For Spin Class

Mia Maguire
Here’s How To Find The Right Shoes For Spin Class
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If you’re a bona fide SoulCycle junkie or just a spinning fan in general, you’re probably already aware that indoor cycling classes are one of the best types of workouts you can drag yourself out of bed for when it comes to burning calories, building lean muscle, toning your behind like no other and improving your overall endurance (…it’s not for cardio beginners.) However, if you’re not equipped with the proper gear when you spin, you could be extra prone to injury. Finding the best shoes for spin class is crucial when it comes to not only injury prevention but also ensuring that you’re making the most of your workout.

If you’re wearing your regular training or running shoes to spin, you’re undoubtedly putting extra pressure and resistance on your foot and ankle — and not your glutes or thighs. Essentially, your feet are working for you, and you may not be reaping all of the toning benefits of indoor cycling. On the other hand, spinning shoes allow you to transfer energy from your lower body to the bike because they block the energy from being absorbed by the cushioning in the shoe. What this means is that your actual muscles are doing the work (and getting toned in the process) and that you’ll see better results.

More importantly, your average fitness footwear is likely to lead you to slip off the pedals thanks to a lack of traction and the absence of cleats. This can lead to excess muscle soreness and possibly, a sprained ankle (yikes.) Spinning shoes are generally designed with a rigid sole and rubber accents to keep your feet securely in place as you pedal to prevent slippage.

Cleats are usually sold separately from spinning shoes because different fitness studios use one of two pedaling systems: Delta and SPD. It’s best to ask your cycling studio which system they use before investing in your cleats. With that being said, here are some of our favorite shoes to help you spin for the win.

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STYLECASTER | Best Shoes For Spinning Class

Courtesy of Pearl Izumi.

Pearl Izumi Vesta Studio Cycling Shoe

Not only are these indoor premium spinning shoes designed to prevent injury and enhance your endurance, but unlike many other cycling shoes on the market, they’re actually kind of stylish (I know, I know that’s not the point, but it doesn’t hurt to look cute, right?). These spinning shoes are designed with an extra-breathable mesh upper overlay for durability, recessed clip mounts for noise elimination, and they’re 2-bolt SPD cleat compatible.

STYLECASTER | Spinning Shoes

Courtesy of Shimano.

Shimano TR5 Cycling Shoe

Designed with a performance-enhancing low stack mid-sole, these advanced cycling shoes are engineered to help keep feet stable, boost transfer efficiency, and prevent injuries without overly restricting motion or causing discomfort. They also feature a 3D mesh uppers which allows for better airflow, improved moisture absorption, and less overall odor.

STYLECASTER | Best Spinning Shoes

Courtesy of Zappos.

Shimano IC3 Indoor Cycling Shoe

Designed with a comfortable sock-like fit, these lightweight spinning shoes also feature an EVA mid-sole for better shock absorption, a BOA® L6 dial closure to allow for a customized fit and easy fastening, and a lightweight mesh upper for extra airflow and more robust sweat-wicking functionality. Compatible with studio SPD pedals, these spinning shoes are perfect for beginner Soul Cycle enthusiasts and well-versed aficionados alike.

STYLCASTER | Spinning Shoes

Courtesy of Pearl Izumi.

Pearl Izumi Quest Studio Cycling Shoes

These deluxe indoor cycling shoes feature synthetic, antimicrobial uppers and hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit and quick and easy fastening, as well as odor blocking and fast sweat absorption. Unlike some spinning shoes, the Quest Studio is actually designed with versatile soles that will work with all major two and three bolt cleat styles.

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