16 Women on the Moves That Always Get Them off in Bed



Ever since a little show called “Sex and the City” attempted to open the door for women to discuss the dirty details of our sex lives, the fact remains that sex—at least talking about it at length—is still heavily stigmatized in conversation and many of us prefer to keep our experiences to ourselves.

But! It’s also true that women can learn a lot about what they like in bed from other women—men are great, but most haven’t cracked the code of the female form in its entirety. Armed with that knowledge, we set out to ask 16 real women to get real about the best sex moves that do it for them in bed—even the ones that are a little embarrassing to share. Read and learn, ladies.

Cowgirl Squat

“I love an intricate and rather taxing version of reverse cowgirl: Have your man lie down—floor works best, but bed is fine—and climb on top of him, but instead of straddling, move your legs between his legs for a sort of crouch motion. It’s like doing reverse cowgirl while keeping your legs together. I use it as a pinch-hitting move, though, because too much of the up-and-down motion can be hard on the ankles.” –Lorraine, 26, New York City

Puzzle Push

“Lately, my favorite position is lying on my side and having him positioned straight on, so I’m completely sideways and his thighs are on either side of me, one next to my ass and the other in between my legs. It hits some FANTASTIC angles and I’m usually so frazzled afterward that I can’t vocalize words. It’s also great for eye contact!” –Maria, 29, London

Downward Do-Me

“ZOMG, I love an adapted doggy style: Arms down, ass up, but only off the mattress a few inches because you can get some muscle involved that helps you come—and your dude can reach around from behind and help you with that process. Or, obviously, you can help yourself.”–Shayla, 27, Brooklyn, NY

One-Two Punch

“I’m a huge fan of being on top of my guy. I feel hot and sexy being in control. I’ll push him down when he tries to sit up and change my rhythm. Being on top is my sure orgasm track and once I’m there in the peak of my ecstasy, my boyfriend will sit up, pick me up and effortlessly swing me around onto my back for his finish. Being in the middle of my orgasm while getting picked up and swung is like a one-two punch. It’s the best!” – Anna, 29, Boston

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All Choked Up

“My favorite is when my man’s on top and right before he comes, he’ll sometimes grab my throat, give me a small choke, and then pull himself down and push his mouth into mine for a forceful kiss. There’s some rawness to it and pure passion, which makes me melt everywhere, and then I come too.” –Gale, 29, Cambridge, MA

A Man Moan-ment

“I love when you go down on a guy and they moan—you know they’re enjoying it, and it makes it that much more fun to do. MAJOR turn-on.” –Scarlett, 28, San Diego, CA

Nip Enough

“I love when they suck and bite on your bottom lip… A-plus.” –Amira, 28, Brooklyn, NY

Driven Up the Wall

“My favorite position is being pressed, chest down, against a wall, with the guy behind me. My ex used to take me by surprise and do that while holding my arms above my head or behind my back, and kissing and biting my neck. It was SO hot.” –Taylor, 28, New York City

Tie Me Up, Buttercup

“My current boyfriend and I have these under-the-bed restraints that let him lock my arms down so he can have his way with me, which is SO hot. It takes missionary to a whole new level, let me tell ya! Side note: We also have safe words just in case things get too intense, but they have yet to.”  –Anastasia, 27, New York City

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Dirty Talk

“I like when a guy moans and is verbal. Not necessarily dirty talk to the extreme, but something like, ‘Oh YEAH’ or, ‘Mmm, that’s hot.’” –Fiona, 28, San Diego

Two Handfuls

“I like when I’m on top and a guy grabs my ass with one hand and my breast with the other.” –Lindsay, 30, San Diego, CA

Tease Me, Please

“I like it when a guy teases me with his dick, rubbing it against the outside of my vagina, but not going in until I’m soaked.” –Andrea, 31, San Diego

In Control

“I quite like being on top, particularly when my partner is sitting in a chair—without armrests!—or at the edge of the bed. This lets me be in full control of the angles and pressure points I’m hitting.” –Simone, 29, Dubai

All Shook Up

“I love when my boyfriend grabs my vibrator to warm me up before sex, or finish me off at the end. It works especially well when we’re doing it doggy style, and I’ll put the vibrator up against my clit on the bed, but sometimes I’ll also lie down on top of him, head-to-foot, and use the vibe to add even more friction to his thrusting. We both tend to come really hard this way.” –Shannah, 29, Brooklyn, NY


“On my third date with my boyfriend, we drank an entire afternoon away in a small, dirty, laid-back bar in a trendy part of Brooklyn. It was the kind of date when you really connect with someone and the world sort of blurs out behind them—and you also lose track of the amount of drinks you consume, wind up drinking six whiskeys on an empty stomach, and realize that you are so completely attracted to this person that you need to crawl into their lap repeatedly for kisses and then dare them to work their hands through the large rips in your jeans and into your body. He fingered me right then and there. But then, as he pulled his hands out of my jeans, he immediately stuck his finger into his mouth, never breaking eye contact. Sexy as hell.” –Lucy, 29, Brooklyn, NY

Laid-Back Lady

“Since I’m short as fuck, a lot of things just straight up don’t work for me. I typically like to be lying down on my back with my feet on the floor off the end of the bed and my partner standing or lying above me. That way, I can get a good stance and range of motion for my hips without straining my back or relying on my arm strength—or lack thereof—and my partner has the flexibility to do as he pleases. I’m literally a laid-back kind of girl in bed.” –Sydney, 25, New York City

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