Your Ultimate Sex Advice Cheat Sheet

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The only thing more fun than having sex is talking about it—over a two-hour brunch, in a group text, on Gchat, wherever. Hearing about other people’s sex stories and hashing out various sex-related or sexual-health quandaries is fun, entertaining, and perfectly healthy. Consider this the safest space you’ll find (outside your trusted squad) to get expert advice on how to improve your sex life and keep it healthy, happy, and hot.

10 Major Sex Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Bed

Let these common faux pas—resulting from misunderstandings, bad communication, or simply the fact that you’ve gotten a little too comfortable—serve as a reminder to help you stay on your game in bed.

How to Get Off with Toys in Bed

Butt plugs, nipple clamps, handcuffs, clitoral massagers: Get advice from experts and real women on how to get the most out of seven essential types of sex toys.

10 Beyond-Basic Sex Positions to Try Tonight

Break out of your sex position rut with these 10 super-sexy, expert-approved positions.

How to Give the Best Blow Job Ever, According to an Adult Film Star

Whether you love giving head or it’s your last resort in bed, these tricks, courtesy of columnist Jessica Drake, will make it a better experience for both of you.

6 Surprising Ways Masturbating Is Great for Your Health

Women who aren’t indulging in a little “me time” now and then aren’t just missing out on pleasure—they’re neglecting the very real sexual- and mental-health benefits.

best sex advice Your Ultimate Sex Advice Cheat Sheet


50 Easy Ways to Be Sexier

If you’re curious about how to increase your appeal, we’ve compiled 50 tips—some science-backed, others simple actions that’ll give you a noticeable sexy boost—and help you feel hotter right now.

How to Get to the Bottom of a Low Sex Drive

Sometimes it’s not a matter of major fighting or huge emotional rifts, but rather being in a bit of a rut. Either way, find out what could be going on from gynecologists and therapists.

How to Finally Start Getting What You Want (and Getting Off) in Bed

Learn exactly how to communicate what works for you to a partner who just isn’t getting it—without hurting feelings or turning anyone off.

What Porn Doesn’t Teach You About Anal Sex

Six necessary tips from our adult-film-star columnist Jessica Drake.

17 Real Men on Their All-Time Favorite Sex Moves

We asked 17 guys to share the sex moves they love in bed—ones that made such an impact that they still fantasize about them to this day.

how to have water sex Your Ultimate Sex Advice Cheat Sheet


16 Reasons You Should Be Having More Sex, According to Science

It cures colds, lowers blood pressure, and many more medically legit benefits.

The Number-One Rule for Being Friends with Benefits

Understand that it’s unlikely (but not impossible!) this will turn into a relationship.

20 Facts You Never Knew About Orgasms

How they differ between sexes, how they change as you get older, and more.

20 Things Every Woman Should Know About STDs

A refresh on the most common myths and facts surrounding sexually transmitted diseases, courtesy of experts.

7 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Your G-Spot (but Should)

Including how to find it and what to do to up your odds of having a G-spot orgasm.



A Comprehensive Guide to Every Type of Orgasm

There are 10 different types, including mindgasms, nipplegasms, and sleepgasms.

The 10 Best Times to Have Sex

Science-backed info on the best times of day or circumstances to get it on.

12 Sex Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask

Qualified experts answer your most intimate questions about everything from penis injuries to squirting.

7 Tips for Pulling Off Hot Outdoor Sex

Al fresco sex can be hot, assuming you follow these guidelines for keeping things comfortable, safe, and hygienic.

7 Sex Myths You Really Need to Stop Believing

There are plenty of false notions about what constitutes a “healthy” sex life that aren’t remotely true—find out what they are so you can stop having unrealistic expectations.

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