The Best of Ryan Gosling’s ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ Press Tour


The name Ryan Gosling in the same sentence as the words “new movie” can only mean one thing: months of watching our favorite leading man shamelessly promote himself all over the place. And to tell you the truth, I don’t hate it. In fact, I hate to admit it but he’s been my main source of entertainment for the last couple of months. The fact that he’s drop dead gorgeous, witty, funny and talented probably have a little something to do with my undying obsession.

I could go on about him forever, but I’ll spare you the “I love Ryan Gosling” speech and let you see for yourself. Get ready to swoon as you watch Ryan make his way from David Letterman, to the Today Show and much more. I even threw in a throwback Mickey Mouse Club clip at the end, because really why not?

Ryan chats with David Letterman about his time spent in a trailer park as a child, all the things he loves about New York, including the “hot” women, and his childhood roles in both Mickey Mouse Club and Little Hercules.

Ryan was as cute as ever when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon earlier this month. I don’t know what’s more entertaining here the fact that his dog has a Mohawk or Ryan’s story about having a fat, hairy man’s belly in his mouth while he was at a New York Turkish bath.

He can hardly keep himself together as Josh Horowitz asks Ryan to recite a few “Hey Girls.” I don’t think anyone has ever looked this hot while hysterically cracking up crying, but leave it to Ryan.

If you’ve seen the clips of shirtless, ripped Ryan Gosling in “Crazy Stupid Love,” then it’s not really surprising that he’s able to lift Al Rocker in the air. I mean, he’s probably in the best shape we’ve ever seen him in.

Watch Ryan dote on Steve Carell and gush about how honored and excited he was to get the chance to work with him again. Little known fact: the two of them filmed a pilot for a TV show together before they became household names.

A little bonus Ryan love!