Game-Changing Ring Light Tripods For Flawless Selfies

Mia Maguire
Game-Changing Ring Light Tripods For Flawless Selfies
Photo: catwalkphotos/Adobe.

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Whether you’re an aspiring beauty vlogger or simply want to take your selfie game (or conference call get-up) to the next level, investing in a complexion-enhancing ring light will give you an instant boost. Ring lights are the secret behind the filter-like quality you see on perfectly-lit videos and pictures from professional photographers, bloggers, and videographers. Ring lights are a circular shape (hence the name) that eliminate less-than-flattering shadows and perk up dull or dim lighting. They also create an ultra-flattering multi-directional lighting set up (your phone or camera sits in the center of the open circle) which helps the subject and detail look brighter and crisper.

Some ring lights can be on the expensive end of the spectrum, but fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional or own a DSLR camera to reap the benefits of ring lights. Opting for a ring light tripod for your smartphone gives you the same effect as more high-end models at a more attainable price point. Not sure which model is best for you? Ahead, we’ve outlined a few top-quality ring light tripods to help you narrow down the options without breaking the bank.

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1. AIXPI Ring Light 10" with Tripod Stand



This desktop phone tripod features a super flattering ten-inch ring light that gives your lighting game a major boost while blurring imperfections and reducing shadows. This model is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones.

2. 10’’ LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

Ubeesize ring light tripod


This ten-inch LED ring light tripod features a wide range of settings to allow you to customize the effects, including ten different adjustable brightness levels and three color settings, ranging from warm to more cool tones.

3. Wonew Desktop Ring Light Tripod

Wonew ring light tripod amazon


Featuring a flexible design, this ring light tripod allows you to capture the perfect shot from virtually any angle. It also features customizable light settings, including luminance adjustments and color.

4. EICAUS 10'' Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

EICAUS 10'' Ring Light

Courtesy of EICAUS.

You can easily control this ring light with either the touchpad or the BlueTooth remote. There’s a warm mode, a day mode and a cool white mode, so you have three different lights to play with and 10 different light settings. It even comes with a special carry bag, allowing you to take your show on the road while protecting your equipment.

5. LETSCOM Dimmable Led Beauty Camera Ringlight

LETSCOM ring light tripod Game Changing Ring Light Tripods For Flawless Selfies

Finally get that perfect angle with this tripod set. And if you’re recording with multiple people, you can record with two phones at the same time. The tripod comes with three different lighting modes, including warm, daylight and cool. This tripod can expand nearly 40 inches, so it’s adjustable for your filming sessions.