The Best Online Crystal Stores to Stock Up On Good Vibes & Pretty Gems

The Best Online Crystal Stores to Stock Up On Good Vibes & Pretty Gems
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Whether you believe in energy shifts and the healing power of crystals and gems or not, there’s no denying that having a few gorgeous crystals lying around your home makes it that much more beautiful. Crystals are pretty, OK? And to many, they’re so much more than that. While some are believed to having healing properties, you don’t even have to buy them for that purpose. Even skeptics can enjoy looking at some pretty gems sitting on top of their dresser. For both believers and non-believers alike, we found the best places to buy crystals online right now. If you can’t leave your house to search for these gems yourself, there are so many shop owners who have done it for you—and some will even bless the crystals for you before they arrive. Now that’s dedication.

Of course, different crystals help with different areas of life. If you’re a novice, it might be useful to do a little research before splurging on rare crystals and stones. Luckily, though, many of the crystal shops below offer helpful advice for purchasing healing crystals, and can even guide you toward your ideal healing item. Even if you’re a bit skeptical, these experts can point you in the right direction so you can discover for yourself whether or not crystals really do help heal. After all, the best way to prove yourself right or wrong is to test it out, right?

Below, you’ll find 13 online crystal stores ready to supply you with every healing item your heart desires. From quartz crystals to rare crystals you won’t find in your average backyard, these shops are chock-full of everything you need. Go forth and soak up the good vibes, friends.

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1. Crystal and Pine Shop


STYLECASTER | Best Places to Buy Crystals | pineapple quartz crystal

Crystal and Pine Shop.

The Crystal and Pine shop have healing crystals and stones available for any occasion—from newborns to housewarmings.

2. Crystals N Creations

STYLECASTER | Best Places to Buy Crystals | terrarium crystal jar

Crystals N Creations.

Whether you need crystals, gifts, decor or art, Crystals N Creations is full of healing sets and items that are sure to look amazing in your home.


3. Sun Moon and Earth

STYLECASTER | Best Places to Buy Crystals | lapiz lazuli crystal tower

Sun Moon & Earth.

Sun Moon and Earth is a family-run healing crystal, gem and rock boutique you’re sure to love.


4. Shiny Happy Spirit House

STYLECASTER | Best Places to Buy Crystals | rare hemimorphite

Shiny Happy Spirit House.

Shiny Happy Spirit House will cleanse and bless your crystals before shipping them straight to your door.



STYLECASTER | Best Places to Buy Crystals | crystal air plant kit


One of the most unique items sold by AURAMORE is the crystal air plant set. For crystal and plant-lovers alike, this is an ideal situation.


6. Crystal Age

STYLECASTER | Best Places to Buy Crystals | grape agate mineral

Crystal Age.

Along with an incredible selection of healing products, Crystal Age also provides informational videos to help you learn about crystals.


7. World Incense Store

STYLECASTER | Best Places to Buy Crystals | rough crystal chakra set

World Incense Store.

Don’t let the name fool you. World Incense Store is home to some really beautiful crystals.


8. Mandala Gems

STYLECASTER | Best Places to Buy Crystals | green flourite tower

Mandala Gems.

Mandala Gems is chock-full of of ethically sourced crystals, gems and smudge sticks.

9. Energy Muse

STYLECASTER | Best Places to Buy Crystals | angel aura quartz point

Energy Muse.

Not only does Energy Muse house any crystal you could possibly want, they’ll also help guide you to the right one for you and your needs.

10. InnerVision Crystals

STYLECASTER | Best Places to Buy Crystals | black tourmaline crystal

InnerVision Crystals.

From citrine and smoky quartz to tourmaline crystals, InnerVision Crystals has whatever you’re seeking.

A version of this article was originally posted in April 2020. 

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