Cute Picnic Baskets That’ll Allow You to Rosé All Day

Alicia Kort
Cute Picnic Baskets That’ll Allow You to Rosé All Day
Photo: Pixel-Shot/Adobe.

On a warm, sunny day, nothing sounds better than a picnic with your friends or significant other. You can catch up with your pals and get some rays. The combination of getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, celebrating the gorgeous weather and making memories over a charcuterie board makes picnicking priceless. But if you want to have a picnic, you better have the right basket (or bag), otherwise your day dream can turn into a nightmare. 

Deciding to have an impromptu picnic in the park seems like an awesome idea, until you try to pack plates and food in the handful of tote bags you own. Burdened like a pack mule and wondering if your cheese will melt, picnicking suddenly seems more stressful than it’s worth. If you’re going to picnic, do it right by investing in a real picnic basket. It’ll be less stressful, and you’ll have everything organized. Your beau and friends will be so impressed by your awesome set-up. 

We found the best picnic baskets. They have gingham-patterned items and all of the fixings, so you can have your outdoor wine and cheese night and eat it off of actual plates. You won’t have a panic-attack about forgetting a bottle opener, because all three of these kits have them. The only things you need to remember to pack is the food and whatever you’re drinking.  All the baskets and backpacks are insulated, so your beverages and snacks will stay cold (or warm). 

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1. Nature Gear Upgraded 4 Person XL Picnic Basket


Nature Gear Upgraded 4 Person XL Picnic Basket

Courtesy of Nature Gear.

This Nature Gear picnic basket is the picnic basket of your dreams, but it’s somehow even better. The vintage-looking picnic basket has a custom-insulated lining, so you can bring the champagne and chilled desserts to the picnic without worrying about melting foods or warm champagne. In addition to the basket, the set comes with four ceramic plates, four sets of silverware, four wine glasses, four matching glasses and a bottle opener.

2. apollo walker Picnic Backpack Bag


apollo walker Picnic Backpack Bag

Courtesy of apollo walker.

Although this might not look like a wicker picnic basket, the gingham print on the backpack will make clear to others what your plans are. Easier to carry than a traditional basket, this backpack has all of your picnic essentials for two people, including a cold storage compartment and fleece gingham blanket that matches the backpack. Packed with two sets of stainless steel silverware, two dinner plates, cotton napkins, two wine glasses, one bottle opener, one cheese/butter knife, two salt and pepper shakers and one plastic chopping board, this backpack is ready for your charcuterie picnic nights. It even has a detachable wine cooler, so you can have rosé all day. This picnic backpack comes in blue, brown or red.

3. Hap Tim Picnic Backpack Cooler


Hap Tim Picnic Backpack Cooler

Courtesy of Hap Tim.

You’ll be surprised by how much this backpack fits. It can hold four sets of stainless steel flatware, four plates, napkins, four wine glasses, wine opener, one cheese knife, salt and pepper shaker and a plastic cutting board. That’s not counting the lower cooler pocket that you’ll stuff all of your food in and the top compartment that holds bonus food. The detachable wine cooler will keep your wine chilled and the included washable gingham blanket will survive any wine spills. This backpack is available in neutral tones, including coffee and gray.

4. Picnic Time Piccadilly Willow Picnic Basket

Picnic Time Piccadilly Willow Picnic Basket

Courtesy of Picnic Time.

If you’ve been daydreaming about an old-fashioned wicker picnic basket with that famous white-and-red gingham cloth inside, look no further. Inside, you’ll find enough supplies for two. You’ll get two shatter-resistant wine glasses, two plates, two sets of flatware and a corkscrew. Plus, the basket is durable, so you can lug it around the park to find the perfect picnicking spot.