Phone Card Holders That’ll Let You Leave Your Wallet at Home

Alicia Kort
Phone Card Holders That’ll Let You Leave Your Wallet at Home
Photo: Evelien/Adobe.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our big purses and wallets, but lugging them around all the time can get annoying. Whether you want to rock the smallest clutch you own or want to see what it would be like to walk around bagless, there is a phone accessory that can help you out. Phone card holders are what they sound like. You stick the holder, which has adhesive on the back side, to your phone case. You can stuff up to eight credit cards, forms of identification and probably a few loyalty cards into these flexible holders. Usually made out of a durable rubber-like material or elastic fabric, these cases will keep your cards secure, while allowing you easy access. You won’t have to pry your driver’s license out of your wallet with this smartly designed accessory. 

We found the best phone card holders for you. These holders can be cute, too. There are several brightly colored holders and others that come in fun patterns, so you can still show off your style. You also usually get multiple holders in a set, which means you can swap one out when it starts to lose its stickiness.

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1. Agentwhiteusa Cell Phone Stick on Wallet

Keep your cards in reach with this stick-on wallet. It can fit up to five cards easily, so you can put your ID and several credit cards inside that flexible pouch. These card holders stick to the back of your phone or phone case. You get a total of three card holders, so you can swap them out when one starts to lose its stick. There are five different sets, so you can find one that includes colors like pink, purple, red, white and black.

Agentwhiteusa Cell Phone Stick on Wallet


2. CardNinja Ultra-slim Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet

You can put plenty of cards in this durable and flexible card holder. The holder uses 3M adhesive to stay securely stuck to the back of your phone or phone case. It’s compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, too. The pocket itself is made out of an elastic fabric, so it can expand to hold a total of eight cards, so you’ll never have to leave a card behind at home. The case comes in a variety of bright colors and fun patterns.

CardNinja Ultra-slim Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet


3. Obbii 2Pack Phone Card Holder

Not only does this case look super cute, it’s super practical, too. It can hold up to three cards and even a little bit of cash, so you can leave your bulky wallet in your bedroom. The back of the adhesive case uses 3M, ensuring that it’ll stay put. The phone wallet has beautiful white, gold and pink marble coloring, making it a stylish pick. There’s also a blue ripple marble option available.

Obbii 2Pack Phone Card Holder