Cute Pencil Cases for Toting Around All of Your Supplies

Alicia Kort
Cute Pencil Cases for Toting Around All of Your Supplies
Photo: Courtesy of Adobe.

If you’re tired of digging around in the bottom of your bag or backpack for pens, pencils or sticky notes, you should get a pencil case. Whether you’re in school or not, pencil cases can help you get more organized, so there’s no more rummaging around in your bags. It’ll also keep pens from leaking all over your bag’s lining. 

Yes, you are allowed to buy a pencil case if you’ve already graduated. There’s no rule that says these cases can only hold pencils and pencils. Maybe you have office supplies you bring to and from work. Or with your side hustle, you find yourself in cafes sipping lattes surrounded by pens and sticky notes. Pencil cases have also evolved a little bit. There are pencil cases with dividers in the middle, so you can prioritize your 4-5 favorite pens. No more digging for your go-to pen. 

We rounded up the best pencil cases for you. These pencil cases are bright and practical. Our picks can hold at least 40 pens and are designed to last. One of our selections is even collapsible, so it can adapt to whatever size purse or backpack that you want to store it in.

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1. iSuperb Cotton Linen Pencil Case


iSuperb Cotton Linen Pencil Case

Courtesy of iSuperb.

This cute pencil case might look little, but it can fit a lot. You can put up to 40 pens and pencils inside this cotton linen case. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your pencil case becoming unzippered and scattering pens everywhere. This case’s zipper has an auto lock slider, so it stays put. The case comes in pink (pictured), beige, dark blue, gray and yellow.

2. EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Case


EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Case

Courtesy of EASTHILL.

This pencil case also has the ability to hold up to 50 pens, and it has dividers to help keep your supplies separate from your pens. This canvas and cotton pencil case is a little different than other cases, though. If you have a light day and only need to take a handful of pencils, you can flatten this case by zippering the sides. This makes it more compact, and it can fit in smaller bags. The case comes in light blue, khaki, yellow and dark blue.

3. Homecube Pencil Case


Homecube Pencil Case

Courtesy of Homecube.

If you carry around a lot of pens, pencils and highlighters, this pencil case is a must-have. It can fit up to 50 pens and other supplies, like staplers and scissors. The case is divided into two parts by a floating, detachable divider, which you can put four pens in. There’s also space for IDs or credit cards in the inner pocket. It’s available in purple, green, pink, gray, blue and black.

4. Sooez Wide-Opening Pencil Case

Sooez Pencil Case

Courtesy of Sooez.

This extra wide design makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Inside, this spacious pencil case has one large middle pocket and five mesh pockets on the sides of the case. It comes in eight cool colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches your aesthetic.

5. SIQUK Cactus Pencil Case

SIQUK Cactus Pencil Case

Courtesy of SIQUK.

This case is small but mighty, it can hold up to 60 standard pens. There are two separate zippered compartments and layered pockets within each, so you can store sticky notes and calculators and other items separate from your pens and pencils.