101 Patches and Pins to Make Everything in Your Wardrobe Entirely Your Own

101 Patches and Pins to Make Everything in Your Wardrobe Entirely Your Own
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Kanye stan? Proud homebody? Member of the mixed-emotions club? Whatever—or whoever—you are, there’s an iron-on patch or enamel pin out there waiting for you to stick it on your clothing and declare it for all the world to see.

The crafty customization trend has reached fever pitch this summer, and even if you don’t have a stash of vintage doodads tucked away over the years from Girl Scouts and family vacations, the treasure troves of Etsy and the internet writ large offer enough options to cover every inch of your wardrobe, should you be so inclined (although personally, we mostly stick to our denim jackets, designer bags, and jeans pockets).

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Patches and pins have also been an unlikely hot-button topic this past week, ever since illustrator Tuesday Bassen went public with her legal battle against Zara over several instances of fairly blatant design copying. In the week since, fellow artist Adam J. Kurtz has uncovered more than 40 similar cases of alleged theft by the retail giant and sister companies Bershka, Pull&Bear and Stradivarius on his website, ShopArtTheft.com
, and the internet has rallied around the independent designers in support.

Want to do the same? (Or just want a cooler-looking jacket?) Shop 101 of the wittiest, prettiest, and most hilarious pins and patches you can buy online in the gallery ahead—all by rad indie illustrators and artists.

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Heart Lolli Patch, $12; at Tuesday Bassen

Fries B4 Guys Enamel Pin, $10; at Edge of Urge

Wink Set of 2 Embroidered Patches, $7.50; at Etsy store WildflowerandCompany

Babe with the Power Enamel Pin, £7 (about $9); at Sugar & Vice

Cold Pizza Club Patch, $5; at Etsy store FrongToadPress

Final Girl Enamel Pin, $10; at Creepy Co.

Fuck It Patch, $4.66; at Etsy store MartaRyczko

Don’t Panic It’s Organic, $10; at Scumbags and Superstars

Eagle Back Patch, $16; at Chris Uphues

Eggplant Pin, $12; at Pintrill

Handheld GameBoy Lapel Pin, $10; at Nostalgia Vault

E.T. Homesick Patch, £6 (about $8); at La Barbuda

Love Pin, $10; at Joee Propa

Rookie Iron-On Patch, $6; at Strawberry Moth

Flying Cash Lapel Pin, $5; at No Fun

Haunt Me Heart Pin, $10; at H.K.M.

Hell Is People Pin, $10; at Unif

Single and Psyched Patch, $6; at City of Industry

Birth Control Pills Enamel Pin, $10; at Etsy store ThatNoiseGallery

Kanye Vibes Pin, $18; at Pintrill

Meh Pin, $12; at Dead Ringers

Over It Patch, $5; at These Are Things

Pizza Besties Pin Set, $22; at Laser Kitten

Nope Patch, $6.50; at Etsy store GhostGoodsCo

Pretzel Pin, $15; at Prize Pins

Almost Famous Enamel Pin, $8; at Gypsy Warrior

Enamel Approved Pin, $12; at Greenwich Letterpress

Saddest Songs Mixtape Pin, $8; at Etsy store monstersongs

Stay Home Club x American Football Iron-On Patch, $6; at Stay Home Club

Aww Sam Flamingo Pin, $12; at Adam J. Kurtz

Two Boobs Pin Pack, $14.70; at Etsy store CoucouSuzette

Clippy Pin Badge, €5 (about $5.50); at Mikko Heino

Camp Coffee Club Patch, $6; at Kimberlin

Cosmic Cat Patch by David Polka, $10; at Valley Cruise Press

Feeling Salty Patch, $7; at Rosehound Apparel

Pink Leather Jacket Enamel Pin, $10; at Etsy store BanannaBones

Cry Baby Heart Patch, $10; at Little Arrow Studio

BFF Lapel Pin, $8; at Valley Cruise Press

Eames Lounge Pin, $8; at Lost Lust

Feeling Myself Pin, $10; at Robin Eisenberg

Hell Yes Chenille Patch, $6; at Etsy store BanannaBones

Rockaway Beach Pin, $10; at World Famous Original

Leopard Patch, $13.95 AUD (about $10.50); at Georgia Perry

Mystic Bunnies Enamel Pin Set, $18; at Sara M. Lyons

Love Patch, $11.31; at Etsy store CoucouSuzette

Melting Saturn Enamel Lapel Pin, $6; at Pity Party

40oz Patch, $4.99; at Mean Folk

Mixed Emotions Club Pin, $10; at Tuesday Bassen

Mushroom Pin, $15; at Big Bud Press

Nicki Pin, $12; at Robin Eisenberg

Glitter Nail Polish Patch, $12; at Laser Kitten

Ok Pin, £8.50 (about $11.15); at Maria Ines Gul

Ouch Band-Aid Brooch, $10; at Etsy store IvonnaBuenrostro

Find Your Piece Patch, $3 (was $6); at Free Radicals

Psychic Lapel Pin, $5; at Explorer's Press

Sriracha Embroidered Patch, $8; at Lil' Bullies

Spice Girls Pin Set, $40; at TigerTits

Whatever Forever Iron-On Patch, $6; at Sara M. Lyons

X-Files Glow-in-the-Dark Patch, $8; at Hippo Sausage & Friends

You Tried Enamel Pin, $10; at Adam J. Kurtz

Unfillable Void Patch, $5.99; at Ball & Chain Co.

Ringpop Pin, $10; at Sick Girls Official

Moby Dick Book Pin, $11; at Etsy store janemount

Resting Bitch Face Enamel Pin, $10; at Etsy store dannybrito

Explorer Patch, $8; at Night Cake Press

Southwest Enamel Pin, $12; at Etsy store MokuyobiThreads

Sad Pug Button, $1.60; at Etsy store ShopNDS

Sloth Enamel Pin, $10; at Etsy store OhPlesiosaur

Woman Inherits the Earth, $10; at Kate Gabrielle

Tiny Fox Pin, $10; at Tiny Deer Studio

Embroidered Swooping Sparrow Appliqué Patch, $9; at Etsy store ElsieMichelleDesigns

The Burn Book Patch, $5.65; at Etsy store TreatYoselfMotel

Good Vibes Patch, $4; at Etsy store WildflowerandCompany

Tooth Pin, $9; at BKBT Concept

Hula Girl Enamel Pin, $10; at Etsy store abbyabee

Prince Pin, $19.95 AUD (about $15); at Georgia Perry

Don't Text Him Embroidered Patch, $10; at Etsy store ThatNoiseGallery

Black Rose Patch, $7; at Inner Decay

'90s Leonardo DiCaprio Pin, $7; at Rosehound Apparel

Trash Panda Lapel Pin, $10; at Crywolf

Pizza My Heart Patch, $5; at Yo Sick

Real Friends Button, $4; at Evelina Thorén

Kaye Blegvad Wilted Lapel Pin, $6; at Stay Home Club

Not Afraid of Needles Patch, $6; at City of Industry

Studio Coup Read More Enamel Pin, $8; at Tictail

The Future Is Naps Enamel Pin, $10; at Emily McDowell

Dripping Ghosts Goth Valentine Heart Pin, $12.99; at Ectogasm

Feminine Isn't Fragile Iron-On Patch, $6; at Etsy store BlackDressWildHeart

Still Broke Ramen Pin, $8.99; at Rolling Death Maui

Space Cadet Button, $4; at Etsy store wordforwordfactory

Jean Ralphio Lapel Pin, $10; at Nostalgia Vault

I Love Patch, $6; at Thread Wizard

Enid Coleslaw Ghost World Enamel Pin, $8.07; at Etsy store Punkypins

Cactus Pot Enamel Pin, £7 (about $9); at Finest Imaginary

FTW Patch, $7; at Thread Wizard

View Master Enamel Pin, $10; at Etsy store YesterdaysCo

No Likes Pin, $10; at These Are Things

Hot Tub Club Patch, $15; at Ban.Do

Big Buddy Pin, $15; at Big Bud

Oui Bebe Hand-Stitched Iron-On Patch, $18; at Etsy store tatugogo

Pro Cats Enamel Pin, $8.07; at Etsy store Punkypins

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