11 Original Online Series Worth Streaming—That Aren’t on Netflix

Emily Laurence
11 Original Online Series Worth Streaming—That Aren’t on Netflix
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Netflix has released some awesome and award-winning original programming, but you’re totally cheating yourself if that’s your only go-to for streaming TV shows.

Sites like Hulu, Yahoo! Screen, Crackle and Amazon Prime Video all have original series that are just as good as “Orange Is The New Black” and “Narcos.” For proof, we rounded up some non-Netflix original programming worth watching.

Click through the gallery for our top picks, and make yourself comfortable—you’re going to want to binge.

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Amazon Prime Video: Transparent
If you’ve somehow missed all the buzz surrounding this Golden Globe–nominated show, it’s about a professor who decides to transition from male to female shortly after retiring. As you can imagine, this shakes things up with her three adult kids, all in different ways. Transparent tackles one of the most timely issues of today with realism and humor.

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Amazon Prime: Bosch
This crime drama will keep you guessing. It’s about a detective whose latest case is getting to the bottom of the murder of a 13-year-old boy. But to make things more complicated, he’s on trial himself for murdering a serial killer. Based on Michael Connelly’s book (he also wrote Echo Park and City Of Bones), the series gives Lost and Sons of Anarchy star Titus Welliver a meaty role that he totally, er, kills.

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Crackle: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
It only takes two words to convince most people to give Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee a shot: Jerry Seinfeld. In each episode, the legendary comedian drives around in a vintage car with other funny people—a new person each episode. It’s such a simple concept and it works: Every year, it keeps getting renewed.

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Crackle: Chosen
As if starring some of our old TV crushes Chad Michael Murray and Milo Ventimiglia isn’t enough to watch Chosen, the plot is dark, twisted and juicy. The series starts with Ventimiglia’s character being anonymously gifted a gun and a photo of someone he’s instructed to kill. He soon learns a killing cult called The Watchers sent it to him, and he finds himself caught in the middle of a deadly game. Critics love this one, and you will, too.

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Crackle: Sequestered
If legal dramas are more your thing and you think jury duty actually sounds cool, queue up Sequestered, ASAP. It’s about a jury that’s—you guessed it—sequestered when they can’t reach a verdict about a man charged with murdering the California governor’s son. Soon, jury members themselves start getting death threats. And the drama doesn’t stop there.

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Yahoo! Screen: Community
Starring Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie, Community originally aired on NBC, but Yahoo! picked it up after it was canceled after five seasons. Dubbed by Gawker as "The Most Popular Show On The Internet," people love this show—about a lawyer forced to enroll in community college after he loses his license—for its goofy characters. The show’s comedy is similar in style to Parks & Recreation and it’s full of pop culture references that you’ll completely relate to.

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Yahoo! Screen: Other Space
If you like comedy and have a soft spot for sci-fi, this is your kind of show. Yahoo! nabbed Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig’s only other TV project, Other Space, an oddball comedy about a clueless astronaut crew. Are one of the young characters on the show the next James Franco? Only time will tell.

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Yahoo! Screen: Sin City Saints
Even if you don’t watch sports, chances are this series about a Las Vegas basketball team will have you laughing. The team is a disgrace—even in a city known for disgraces—and no one goes to the games anymore. The team is one PR disaster after another, and it makes for some hilarious moments.

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Hulu: Moone Boy
Nineties nostalgia is at an all-time high, but Chris O’ Dowd’s Moone Boy has more of a charming feel than the typical Buzzfeed fodder. It’s about a kid growing up in a small town in Ireland. Oh, and his imaginary friend.

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Hulu: Difficult People
Produced by Amy Poehler (that should be enough to get you to watch, but we’ll keep going), this comedy shows how funny self-absorbed people can be. Billy and Julie (played by Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner) are the type of people who love sitting at the bar criticizing other people even though their own lives aren’t much better. Both are stuck working jobs just to pay the bills, hoping their real passions will eventually play out. Having a quarterlife crisis of your own? Queue this up.

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Hulu: Behind The Mask
The only docuseries on the list, Behind The Mask takes a real look at professional mascots. From go-time and hyping up the crowd to the quieter moments out of the spotlight, it’s all captured on camera, and gives an interesting peek at an often overlooked subculture.

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