11 Oracle Card Decks to Add to Your Tarot Card Practice ASAP

Maggie Griswold
11 Oracle Card Decks to Add to Your Tarot Card Practice ASAP
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Draw upon the power and energy of ancient sacred symbols, goddesses from around the world, the moon and more—all with the help of the best oracle cards and decks on offer right now. If you’re an avid tarot card reader, you’ll know that while oracle decks are in the same family, they’re rather different. Tarot cards all have a very specific meaning, but oracle cards are whatever you want them to be. Different cards can help draw out different energies, powers and wisdoms, but there aren’t specific cards that mean specific things—as is the case with tarot cards. While you can create your own oracle cards, there are so many different oracle card decks already designed—usually by those in touch with different spirits—that you can buy and add to your collection.

Because of the fact that oracle card decks are all unique, there are myriad different variations. Some decks focus on drawing energy from sacred symbols of the past. Others help you use the power of the moon to answer your questions. Whatever type of oracle card deck you want, it’s most likely available. Many also come with guidebooks, too, to help you on your journey. You can even add these oracle card decks in with your tarot card decks to create an even deeper spiritual reading. Long story short—Oracle card decks allow you to customize your readings and gain the wisdom and energy you specifically seek.

Below, you’ll find 11 different oracle card decks to get you started on your card-reading journey. Whether you’re already well-versed in the way oracle cards work or you’re a novice who wants to try out a deck for the first time, you’re sure to find the right oracle cards for you. Make sure to read the descriptions of each deck, though, so that you really understand what, exactly, these specific oracle cards do. And, when in doubt, start with a deck that focuses on wisdom—It’s sure to lead you to the right place.


1.Goddess Power Oracle: Deck and Guidebook


STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | goddess power deck

Hay House Inc.

This goddess power oracle deck draws upon the symbolic energy of different goddesses from cultures around the world.


2. Nocturna Oracle Deck

STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | nocturna oracle deck

The Creeping Moon.

This 48-card oracle deck features illustrations of animals and plants that typically come alive at night.


3. Energy Oracle Cards

STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | energy oracle cards


These energy oracle cards are designed to reveal the energy you project, as well as the results you’re likely to attract.


4. Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards

STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | mystical shaman oracle cards

Hay House Inc.

This oracle cards deck features images of different sacred symbols that are thought to have a spiritual common ground—now and in the past.


5. Wild Moon Oracle Card Deck

STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | wild moon oracle deck

Terra Soleil Co.

The Wild Moon Oracle Card Deck also comes with both a healing crystal and linen ritual bag.


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Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.


6. Moonology Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | moonology oracle cards

Hay House UK.

The Moonology Oracle Cards allow you to work with the moon’s power.


7. Sacred Destiny Oracle: A 52-Card Deck to Discover the Landscape of Your Soul

STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | sacred destiny oracle deck

Hay House Inc.

Discover your ancient and sacred destiny with this mystical oracle card set.


8. Oracle Card Deck and Guidebook

STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | oracle card deck

Oracle Wisdom Spaces.

This oracle card deck and guidebook will help you unlock all the wisdom in your space.


9.Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards: Ask and Know

STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | wisdom oracle cards


For even more access to the wisdom around you, try these Wisdom of the Oracle cards.


10. Synchronicity & Story Cards Oracle Decks

STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | oracle decks

Cathy Nichols.

This bundle features two oracle decks hand-designed by the artist.


11. The Spirit Animal Oracle: A 68-Card Deck and Guidebook

STYLECASTER | Best Oracle Cards | spirit animal oracle cards

Hay House Inc.

This 68-card oracle deck will help you get in touch with the spirits of the natural world.


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