The 12 Most Incredible Musical Moments from ‘Saved By the Bell’

Oh,”Saved by the Bell.” That odd ’90s artifact when every high school kid came straight from Central Casting, cell phones were the size of our heads, and television writers didn’t only mind glaring inconsistencies, but actively seemed to seek them out. (Jessie and Kelly disappearing for a whole season without explanation, only to appear again at graduation? The show’s early episodes being set in Indiana, then California without a word? Half the characters suddenly having siblings after saying they were only children?)

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Another thing the sitcom was known for: Lots of singing, dancing, and a hilarious combination of both. Here, 12 musical moments from “Saved By the Bell” that now—0ver 20 years later—can only be described as incredible.

“The Sprain”
We were surprised to discover “Saved by the Bell” actually kicked off with this classic episode—the first after its prequel “Good Morning, Miss Bliss”—in which Casey Kasem agrees to host a dance contest at burger joint The Max. Lisa Turtle has a cool guy lined up to be her partner, but when she sprains her ankle he backs out. Nerdy Screech agrees to dance with her, and they (obviously) win thanks to their clever new dance phenom “The Sprain.” 

The 5 Aces sing “Come Go With Me”
Slater gets annoyed when his younger sister J.B. starts dating Zack before a 1950s Sock Hop at the Max. So, Slater tries to break them up—but not before the gang dubs themselves the 5 Aces and performs this ’50s classic.

“I’m So Excited”—before Jessie’s freakout
Kelly, and Lisa, and an increasingly stressed-out Jessie decide to start a singing group called Hot Sundae, after Zack tells them his dad knows a producer looking for the next big girl group. Here, they gals break out into an impromptu rendition of the Pointer Sisters’ hit “I’m So Excited.”

Hot Sundae’s Music Video
Hot Sundae has to make a music video to send to the producer, and the result is an early ’90s fitness-themed explosion of Spandex, and trampolines.

“I’m So Excited”—Jessie’s actual freakout
Probably the most quotable line of the entire series, Zack busts Jessie’s caffeine pill addiction, after which Jessie manically tries to prove she needs those pills to keep up with her homework and Hot Sundae. If you haven’t hysterically half-sung “I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so …. scared” at some point in your life, prepare to start now.

“Barbara Anne”
Screech’s Elvis-obsessed parents head to Graceland, so Slater, and Zack come over for a sleepover and do what all teenage boys do—lip sync and dance to the Beach Boys. 

“School Song”
The gang wants to leave their legacy at Bayside High and decide to have a contest to come up with a new school song. The result? The below ballad.

Friends Forever by Zack Attack
In this semi out-of-the-box episode, Casey Kasem’s back, and this time he narrates a rockumenry-style dream Zack has about the gang’s rise to fame from a teenage garage band, to becoming major rock stars. The episode shows how Zack let success go to his head, eventually driving them apart, then detailing their separate lives. They reunite for their big hit “Friends Forever.”

“Did We Ever Have a Chance?”
Another hit from the rockumentary Zack Attack episode.

Kelly and Zack break up to the stylings of Slater and Jessie “singing” Michael Bolton.
So dramatic, guys.

Three minutes of Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa cheerleading.
Because that’s pretty much all they did.

Slater dances, and it’s amazing
Nothing else to be said here.