Mom Jeans That Actually Make Your Ass Look Great

Cady Lang


Blame it on normcore or the hipsters, but mom jeans are having a moment, and if the street-style shots from last season are any indication, they’re definitely here to stay. High-waisted, tapered, and usually a little distressed, true vintage mom jeans from the ’90s have absolutely no stretch and usually only flatter a very small, privileged demographic—those who can fill out the jeans and those who are waif-like a la a young Kate Moss.

Believe me when I tell you the struggles I’ve had vintage jean shopping. I’ve tried eBay. I’ve done Etsy. I’ve looked in countless thrift and vintage stores from California to New York. Sizes might fit in the waist but are at odds with my hips and thighs, and vice versa.

Don’t even get me started on what most of these jeans would do to my ass, either flattening it out or making it look wider. When it comes to finding vintage jeans that are flattering, I had pretty much given up. I have neither enough “junk in the trunk,” nor the gamine figure that makes a pair of mom jeans look fashionable as opposed to frumpy. What’s a girl to do when classic 501s just aren’t going to cut it?


Enter The Vintage Twin, a perfectly curated online vintage store that reworks vintage denim for its “jeanius bar,” which provides a vintage look with modern fits. I actually stumbled upon them at one of their pop-up stores, which they host at different locations in NYC once a month. After a quick glance at my posterior, one of their jean experts handed me a stack of denim to try on. I pulled on a pair of high-waisted, tapered light-wash Levis from the ’90s and to my surprise, they fit perfectly, hugging my waist and lifting my bum. I actually did a double-take in the dressing room—the jeans made my ass look as close to J. Lo’s as it’ll ever get.

Another boon was that it fit true to my normal, non-vintage jean size, which hardly happens when I’m shopping for vintage denim. The other jeans she had brought for me also fit perfectly, and I ended up leaving with three pairs of reworked denim.

I also ended up leaving with a sweet vintage Adidas tee, and it was only due to extreme self-control and my very sad bank account that I didn’t take home more because the other wares at The Vintage Twin are seriously cool—think tons of meticulously selected vintage, from starter jackets to sequined sheaths. The going price for re-worked denim at other outlets can run into triple and even quadruple figures, but the jeans at The Vintage Twin will set back at about only $70 a pop. You can shop them online at The Vintage Twin or see where they’ll be hosting pop-ups by following their Instagram, @thevintagetwin.