Cozy Throw Blankets That You Need in Your Home

Alicia Kort
Cozy Throw Blankets That You Need in Your Home
Photo: Emre/Adobe.

There’s nothing more relaxing than curling up in a soft, fluffy blanket in front of a fireplace on a cold night. Obviously, you also have a glass of wine and your favorite guilty-pleasure TV show on. That’s the definition of self-care right there. For whatever reason, blankets are incredibly calming, even if they aren’t the weighted variety. Whether you’re just naturally run cold or want to prepare for some chillier temps, a throw is a must-have. Honestly, you should probably have two, just in case you have to wash your throw. You always need one accessible.

We found the best luxury throw blankets for you. Two of our picks are double-sided, so you can enjoy a soft short-haired mink velvet and a longer faux fur side. You’ll be able to switch sides depending on your mood and how cold you are. These blankets don’t only feel good. They’ll look fantastic on all of your furniture, whether your throw is an extra blanket on top of your comforter or it’s on your couch. It’ll add an elegant touch to your home. Plus, these throws come in a variety of shades, so you can find one that matches your aesthetic and color palette.

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1. Micromink Velvet with Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket


Micromink Velvet with Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket

The Connecticut Home.

You get the best of both worlds with this reversible blanket. On one side, there’s elegant and cozy velvet while the other size has fluffy and comfy Sherpa. It’ll keep you covered and warm when you’re cold. And the best part: It doesn’t shed or pill, so you won’t be picking up pieces of this blanket from the floor. There are more than 35 color options, ranging from gray tie-dye to slate blue.

2. GRACED SOFT LUXURIES Oversized Throw Blanket


GRACED SOFT LUXURIES Oversized Throw Blanket

Graced Soft.

Did someone steal Sansa Stark’s cloak? It certainly looks like that might be the case with this voluminous 60 in. by 80 in. throw blanket. The blanket is made out of faux fur, though it feels like the real thing. It’s soft, hefty enough to keep you warm and luxurious. The blanket can also be washed in the washer, though the seller does recommend hanging it dry flat. There are four blankets to choose from: marbled ivory, marbled gray, solid gray and solid white.

3. Decorative Extra Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket


Decorative Extra Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Tuddrom Store.

There’s business on the back and party in the front on this reversible throw blanket. One side is smooth, short mink fleece while the other end is long-haired faux fur. It looks so shaggy that it might be from the 1970s. The throw looks great on a couch or chair. Just a note that it isn’t as heavy as our other picks, so it might not be suitable for someone who is always cold. It comes in white, pink, yellow, gray and cream white.

4. Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket

Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket

Courtesy of Rivet.

This acrylic throw blanket features a geometric white and gray weave. The budget-friendly blanket is elevated by some cute tassels at each end. This blanket might not look super soft, but is soft enough to curl up under during colder nights. Just note that it is dry-clean only.

5. ART & ARTIFACT Fringe Throw Blanket

ART & ARTIFACT Fringe Throw Blanket

Art & Artifact.

Throw blankets don’t have to be boring. Make your throw blanket a cuddly statement piece with this multi-color option. This chunky knit blanket is soft to the touch and will keep you warm when it’s not warm outside. It also comes in a white option.