The Best Live Tweets From Galliano’s Trial So Far – UPDATED

Kerry Pieri

GQ is doing something awesome and that I’m rather jealous of live tweeting the Galliano trial, in France, from the courtroom. Genius. This guy’s going all day. Below see Michael Haney’s best courtroom Tweets so far. Galliano looks decidedly un-flashy for his courtroom appearance, now see what he has to say.

RT @GQfashion Honestly it’s like Kill A Mockingbird-hot in here. I shoulda worn seersucker. #gallianotrial MH

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RT @GQfashion My dyslexic press pass. #gallianotrial MH

RT @GQfashion So typical of a fashion event: we’re already 20 mins late. #gallianotrial MH

RT @GQfashion Judge now reading the alleged slurs. Some people laugh uncomfortably. #gallianotrial

RT @GQfashion The threats lasted 45 mins #gallianotrial

GQfashion Judge still reciting. Victim said she complained to bodyguard bur nothing was done bc jg was friends w owner of bar. #gallianotrial

RT @GQfashion Owner claims jg not his friend and comes only twice a year. #gallianotrial

RT @GQfashion More slurs read. More suppressed giggles. Not at the slurs but the judge’s accent while reading them in English. #galliantotrial

RT @GQfashion Jg stands before judge. #gallianotrail

RT @GQfashion Judge asks if he remembers uttering the words quoted. He says he has no recollection. #gallianotrail

RT @GQfashion Judge asks how explain hat it lasted 45 mins and has no memory of it.

RT @GQfashion Jg says be is a recovering addict.

RT @GQfashion Jg says be started drink bc Dior was doing well he said after each creative high he would crash. drink helped him escape. #gallianotrail

RT @GQfashion Jg says when crash happened in 08 he was under pressure and took on a lot of line extensions. Also said he lost his friend Stepehen

RT @GQfashion Jg says his father”a death also affected him. “I really did not take the time to mourn.” he turned to sleeping pills.

RT @GQfashion second witness a woman enters.

RT @GQfashion Witness says she never heard him say “Jewish”. Only “Asian”.

RT @GQfashion “I didn’t bear any anti-Semitic things,” witness says.

RT @GQfashion We are now being shown the video. #gallianotrial

RT @GQfashion Jg: the words in vid not views he holds “I see someone who needs help “It’s the shadow of jg. I see a man who has been pushed to the edge”

RT @GQfashion Jg: all my life I fought vs discrimination having been subjected to it myself #gallianotrial MH

RT @GQfashion Jg: ive no recollection of the events. I read about them afterward .., all you need is look at my work&see these are views I never held. MH

RT @GQfashion Prosecution wants to know how jg can apologize for something he said he never did. [Ed: Got a point there]

More witnesses are coming, but overall the whole things just seems really sad so far. What’s your take?

UPDATE: A verdict, after the 7 hour hearing, is set for September 8. [Fashionologie]