Born Without a Green Thumb? Here Are The 7 Easiest Indoor Plants to Care For

Meghan Blalock

Here’s a few things that are true about all sorts of houseplants: they brighten a space, they can make the air you breathe cleaner by pumping out toxins from the oxygen, and they just look pretty. Here’s another thing that’s true about houseplants: in the case of many young professional women, they can seem downright impossible to properly care for. Many of us are guilty of having very, very lazy thumbs.

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The good news, though, is that there are a significant number of plants out there who aren’t quite so hard to give a robust, healthy, and happy life—as we’ve discovered, Etsy is a virtual minefield of adorable and modern varieties of potted plants ranging from prickly (but cute!) cacti to floating green orbs that barely seem like living creatures.

Read on for seven types of indoor plants that are super easy to care for!

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1. Marimo Balls

marimo plant

Photo: Etsy

These floating green orbs have their origins in Japan, and traditionally like to make their homes in the deep, dark bottoms of lakes. For home care, all you have to do is submerge them in a fishbowl filled with water, remove it from direct sunlight, and give it a poke every now and then. And voilà!

2. Ficus

The ficus family of plants include a wide range of everything from fig-bearing trees to pot-friendly houseplants, like this one. These guys love light, so place them in a heavily lit location in your home, preferably one that receives 12 to 13 hours a day of direct sunlight. Water the ficus once a week, using enough H2O each time that the excess runs out the bottom of your potter. Pinch off dried yellow ends of leaves to make room for new growth.

3. Cacti

Embed from Getty Images

Cacti might be the ideal houseplant for the busy girl, because it essentially requires no care. They love sunlight and don’t need that much water; house-bound cacti live for as long as four months without one drop of water. Hooray!

4. Bamboo

Embed from Getty Images

Bamboo tends to require very specific environments in which it can flourish; buy a pot that’s smaller at the bottom than it is at the top. Do not place the plant in direct sunlight, keep them in a room temperature space, and be sure to water it plentifully. Spray the bamboo with water every single day, to mimic the humidity of its native habitats.

5. Purple Succulents

purple succulents

Photo: Etsy

Succulents, like their cousin the cacti, enjoy plentiful sunlight; they need at least three hours of direct sun each day. Also like cacti, they don’t have that big an affinity for water; a good rule of thumb is that you should water a succulent only once its soil is totally dry.

6. Air Plants

air plants

Photo: Etsy

Air plants are especially cool, because (as the name implies) they don’t have a normal root system through which they absorb water. They still need H2O, of course, and it’s recommended that to provide water for them, you submerge them in bath water for 20-30 minutes at least once a week. Two to three times per week is recommended for best care, though. They enjoy light, and bright, indirect sunlight is best.

7. Aloe Vera

Embed from Getty Images

Aloe vera is the triple threat of the indoor plant world: it’s easy to care for, you can eat it, and you can use it to moisturize your skin. They love plentiful sunlight, as long as it’s indirect. Water them until the top two inches of the soil becomes dry, to avoid rotting the roots. Make sure you put these guys in fairly large pots; they like lots of room to grow.