Best in Snow Style: Isaora


One of my favorite parts of attending Aspen Fashion Week was getting introduced to a new snowboard-inspired line called Isaora that takes the typical look of snow gear and cleans it up, making it much more streamlined and sophisticated than anything else I’ve seen on the market.

I love snowboarding, but the clothes that go with it? Not so much. I’m not exactly one for donning snowflake-patterned baggy pants and brightly striped oversized jackets. When I met Marc Daniels, the co-founder and CEO of the Isaora, he told me that “snowboarding used to be known as an alternative sport and the attire really matched that mentality. Now, it’s much more mainstream, but the clothes just haven’t caught up. We wanted to make gear with a grown-up aesthetic without sacrificing technical performance.”

Well, it looks like that mission was well-accomplished. The models making their rounds through the presentation space looked like they would fit right in hanging out on the streets of Williamsburg or the LES–in some cases, one woudn’t even be able to tell that the clothes were designed specifically for snow, unless you looked closely at, say, a thinly padded insular lining on a plaid men’s jacket.

Eiher way, one thing’s for sure: this is one line that’s getting me excited to get suited up for some winter sport.

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