Our Editors Share the One Piece of Home Décor They Can’t Live Without

Beth Stebner
21 bushwick11 Our Editors Share the One Piece of Home Décor They Cant Live Without

(Jenny J. Norris Interiors/Jenny Norris)

There’s definitely been a lot of Ikea in our collective past (and present) but, as far as home decor goes, most of us also have that one special piece that’s important for a number of reasons. Maybe it shows off where we’ve been, maybe it hints at where we want to go, or maybe it’s just really nice to look at.

Below, our editors share their favorite piece in their home, and why they love it.

vintage hermes hand painted tray Our Editors Share the One Piece of Home Décor They Cant Live Without

“Several years ago, I was visiting my grandparents in Vero Beach, Florida, and happened by this unmemorable home boutique while killing time one afternoon. It was a treasure trove of vintage-y knick-knacks and stuff no one I know would ever really buy. But hidden in the back was this hand-painted Hermès tray that I fell in love with at first sight. Needless to say, I ordered one that very afternoon and have had it as a mainstay fixture in my living room ever since.”
Jessica Teves, Editor-in-Chief
bar hero

I find bar carts too cliche for my taste, and much prefer the look of heavy, masculine statement bar. My favorite thing in my apartment by far is the LaSalle bar from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams. The raised diamond-parquet pattern and cylindrical wood-and-brass handles make it look extra unique—kind of like something I’d find while traveling—and the inside is lined in black felt and red lacquer. It’s really a stunner that not only looks amazing, but is big enough to hold all the glasses, booze bottles, and barware I’ve accumulated over time.
Perrie Samotin, Site Director

central park(Photo: Jason Karp)

I decorated my apartment almost a decade ago when I was young, naïve and didn’t really know what I was doing, so I wouldn’t necessarily use the same pieces if I had to do it all over again. One piece that will come with me wherever I move, however, is this photo of Central Park that’s currently hanging above my living room couch. It was taken by our close photographer friend, Jason Karp, from the roof of the hospital where my husband works, and blown up and framed using Ezprints as a wedding gift, so it carries enormous sentimentality. It also represents the view I wish we had from our tiny apartment, which sadly only has two windows.
Cristina Velocci, Managing Editor

etagere home decor

Since my first several years in New York were living in tiny crawl holes shared spaces in Manhattan, I’ve never really been one to invest in serious Adult Furniture. It’s big. It’s bulky. That, and there’s the very real concern about whether that fancy chair would fit in the next new apartment. But now that I’ve moved to Brooklyn, I have heaps more space, making it easier than ever to make my house feel more homey, not just an outtake of the Ikea catalogue. I recently bought an étagère (essentially, just a fancy French word for a minimal-ish bookshelf) from Joss & Main to show off things I’ve collected on my travels.

That includes the blown glass paperweight I got in Prague, my favorite coffee table books from Shakespeare & Co. in Paris, some succulents from my corner florist, and my latest acquisition, gorgeous white and brass tea lights by Skultuna that I got on a recent trip to Stockholm. I’m just happy the objects are out and on display, and not in a storage unit in Queens.
Beth Stebner, Lifestyle Editor

moroccan throw blanket

(Photo: Jasmine Garnsworthy)

Most of the homewares in my apartment are either impermanent and snagged at Ikea, but incredibly special pieces plucked from destinations around the world when I travel. My most recent purchase is a Morrocan wedding blanket that I spent a full day bartering over in the souk in Marrakech last June. Yes, I love the throw (it lives on my bed now), but it also reminds me of a very special few days in a very fascinating city. You can find a similar-looking blanket here.
Jasmine Garnsworthy, Editor

daybed keetsa Our Editors Share the One Piece of Home Décor They Cant Live Without

(Photo: Rachel Krause)

When my boyfriend and I decided to live in sin, we agreed that my mattress would be used for our (pre)marital bed. It was a fairly easy choice, but my better-ish half had some emotional anguish over parting with his Keetsa. I suggested that we take his mattress with us and use it in the living room as a kind of daybed—dress it up, add some bolster pillows, make it look legit. It now sits directly across from the TV, and I can personally attest that there is no greater sense of relief in life than the one experienced while collapsing on it after a long workday and putting on a David Attenborough-narrated nature documentary. It’s great for guests, too, which is a luxury not afforded to most people living in Brooklyn. Also, the framed item above it is the entire screenplay from Top Gun, which I am also very fond of. We live well.
Rachel Krause, Associate Beauty Editor

diptyque candle1 Our Editors Share the One Piece of Home Décor They Cant Live Without
I’ve moved a lot in recent years, but one way that I make wherever I am feel like home is by lighting a Diptyque candle. The scents are beautiful (my personal favorite is the Gardenia one) and the iconic labels and glass jars look lovely on any table or shelf. Plus, there’s something so indulgently luxurious about using a candle that’s bourgie bougie.
Cady Lang, Social Media Editor

allure diana vreeland Our Editors Share the One Piece of Home Décor They Cant Live Without
I’m not much of a home decorator, but I can’t live without my books—no matter where I move to or the space I’m in, I always have six million books stacked in a corner, on shelves and under the bed. I have quite a few beauty-based books that I like to keep out and about: Allure by Diana Vreeland, everything Kevyn Aucoin ever wrote and, most recently, Facepaint by Lisa Eldridge. I may never have a fancy rug, but I will ALWAYS have these books proudly displayed on my coffee table!
Alle Connell, Senior Beauty Editor

modern furniture

I have an unhealthy obsession with well-designed chairs and picked up my very own Womb Chair (and ottoman!) at a Knoll warehouse sale a few years ago. It was my first “grown up” piece of furniture, but the novelty has yet to wear off.
Melissa Medvedich, Creative Director