Your Everything Guide to Decorating: 10 Foolproof Ways to Improve Your Home Now

Your Everything Guide to Decorating: 10 Foolproof Ways to Improve Your Home Now
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Taking your digs up a notch can be an overwhelming task. Where to start? How much to spend? Which look or color scheme to go for? Before you stress the hell out and give up (been there!), start at square one.

Identify one or two goals—upgrading your living room sofa, finally making that DIY bench you’ve had on your Pinterest board for months, getting your kitchen clutter under control—and see those through before you start in on any other rooms or projects.

Below, 10 super-helpful articles that will help you achieve even the most daunting interior decorating goals.

The 30 Best Home Websites for Girls on a Budget

There are plenty of affordable home retailers that offer great-looking items that won’t come close to breaking your bank—and there’s enough variety in this list to satisfy every kind of taste, whether you’re into minimalism or mid-century modern.

Your Everything Guide to Scandinavian Furniture

Don’t limit yourself to IKEA. Learn about five leading Scandinavian brands you should check out ASAP—then, click through the gallery for what to shop from each (plus, styling inspiration).

How to Decorate According to Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you’re an energetic fire sign, curious air sign, grounded earth sign, or sensitive water sign, get pro astrologists’ advice on making your home a more ideal sanctuary for you.

15 Simple DIY Hacks to Elevate Your Home

Do-it-yourself has never been chicer, easier, or more affordable. Get inspired to deck out your own space with these shockingly pretty, professional-looking home hacks.

15 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive

While what feels sophisticated and special is subjective (and doesn’t depend on price!), there are a few styling rules and tricks that will work to elevate most living areas. Get these 15 smart ones.

Mark Ashby Design

Mark Ashby Design

17 Ways to Fake an Organized Kitchen

You can fake a streamlined, hyper-organized look in your kitchen—even if it’s anything but. To prevent a pileup of stuff, it helps to have systems in place that will keep the chaos contained (or at least concealed). Here, 17 chic and smart ways to make it happen.

10 Décor Ground Rules for Merging Your Stuff In One Bedroom

There are ways to make your new master bedroom work without either of you sacrificing the stuff you really love. In fact, a little clashing can actually look cool, when done right. Flip through these 10 strategic ways to make a ladylike bedroom more man-friendly.

15 Easy Bathroom Storage Ideas That Don’t Scream DIY

From creative ways to store towels to low-energy solutions that you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of yourself, you’ll want to steal all 15 of these strategies for your own bathroom.

20 Ways to Get the Home Office You’ve Always Wanted

Your at-home workspace should be both inspirational and functional—and all it takes are a few easy tweaks. Click through the gallery for 20 ways to organize and style your home office so it doesn’t look like an afterthought.

10 Clever Tricks for Making a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Since there’s nothing worse than feeling claustrophobic in the space where you’re supposed to relax and recharge, we scoured the Internet to find 10 brilliant small-bedroom ideas. These sneaky, space-enhancing décor tricks will make your bedroom look more open and airy.

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