Hint, Hint: 7 Holiday Gifts Our Editors (Really) Want This Year

Enough chitchat about what we should be gifting friends, family members, coworkers, pet-sitters, and everyone else this year—deep down we’re equally concerned with what bae’s going to buy us. Yes, it’s the season for giving, but it’s also the season for treating yo’self—and everyone (including us!) has a wish list of their own.

If you’re not entirely sure what to ask for this year, don’t worry: We know exactly what we want to find underneath the tree, and we bet you’ll get a little inspiration from our list. So keep scrolling to see what StyleCaster editors really want for the holidays, and then leave this page strategically open on someone special’s screen. They’ll get the hint.
christmas gift guide

“My living room desperately needs this oversize throw from Hermès ($3,525). It’s a little extravagant, but with its perfectly blended camel tones and fabulous snuggle-ability, I’m convinced it’s a room game changer and something I’ll treasure forever.” –Jessica Teves, editor in chief

christmas gift guide
“How much do I want the complete Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection ($1,950)? SO MUCH. I yearn. I pine. I ache. Tom Ford makes my favorite lipsticks of all time. And the fact that these come in an insane range of colors (including unexpected ones, like metallic violet) and are named after hot men? Relevant to literally every interest I have.” –Alle Connell, senior editor, Daily Makeover

christmas gift guide“I’ve been dreaming about Alessandro Michele’s new Gucci Dionysus bag for months. I adore how the cool, colorful embroidery offsets the standard logo, and I’m convinced the cost per wear (with jeans! with skirts! for evening!) would more than make up for the $3,800 price tag.” –Perrie Samotin, site director

christmas gift guide

“Sure, iPhone photos are fine for Instagram, but I’ve wanted a fancy camera for a long time now—something compact that I can take with me when I’m traveling. A friend recommended the Fujifilm X-T1 ($1,399.95), and after watching a couple YouTube reviews, I have my heart set on it. Right now, I’m just ignoring the price tag and crossing my fingers it turns up under the tree. Seriously, Santa, do your job.” –Jasmine Garnsworthy, editor

christmas gift guide

“If there’s anything I love just as much as New York City, it’s running. Corny, but it’s true. These Saucony sneakers ($110) combine two of my favorite things into one, and this particular style happens to be the lightest, most comfortable shoe I’ve ever run in. I go through a lot of sneakers per year, and considering that the shoes I work out in right now are literally falling apart, these neon kicks should definitely be under the tree this year. They’re inspired by the marathon, which brings me to actual tears when it goes by my apartment. That adds to the argument, right?” –Victoria Moorhouse, associate editor, Daily Makeover 

christmas gift guide

“I usually wear gold, but I will happily make an exception for this Digby & Iona signet ring ($210). I can’t think of anything more relevant to my interests—or more basic-Brooklyn-bitch obnoxious—than a piece of jewelry that combines both cats and post-Impressionism. Give me a blindfolded tabby, a Gauguin quote, and a size four to fit perfectly on my pinky so I can wear it Tony Soprano–style, and I’m a happy Christmas camper.” –Rachel Krause, associate editor

gift facial Hint, Hint: 7 Holiday Gifts Our Editors (Really) Want This Year

“I’m hoping for a facial from Georgia Louise (starts at $500) and all of her products. Facials are my guilty pleasure—I need them to live, and she’s hands down the best in New York City. Her products are magical, smell great, and border on life-changing.” –Melissa Medvedich, creative director