The Best Heating Pads To Make That Time of the Month Suck a ~Little~ Bit Less

Mia Maguire
The Best Heating Pads To Make That Time of the Month Suck a ~Little~ Bit Less
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There’s a myriad of different reasons why that time of the month kind of sucks. From bloating to mood swings, exhaustion, and non-stop cravings, it’s just not a fun time to live. But one of the most debilitating symptoms of all is period cramps. While some lucky humans are blessed with relatively pain-free periods, others suffer from severe pain on a monthly basis (or whenever and how frequently you get your flow) that deeply causes major disruptions to their daily life.

While medication for PMS symptoms and pain are an option to alleviating menstrual cramps and soreness and the abdomen and lower back regions, a heating pad is a great all-natural alternative to help make that time of the month, at the very least, just a little bit more bearable.

The heat emitted from these heating pads has been shown to offer topical relief because it’s able to lessen the contraction of muscles, and it also just feels soothing when you’re not feeling like yourself in any way, shape, or form. As with most at-home remedies that don’t require a visit to the doctor or a prescription, not all heating pads are created equal. Check out our top picks below.

Comfier cordless heating amazon

Courtesy of Comfier.

Comfier Menstrual Heating Pad

Not only is the bubblegum pink electric heated waistband pad super cute, but it also sits right on the abdomen tightly to ensure targeted and amplified relief. It’s also super portable so you can travel with it or take it with you to the office without a hassle.


Courtesy of PopMask.

PopMask Big HUG Heating Pads

These innovative and super-discrete patches simply stick on to your skin or underwear and self-heat to help ease menstrual cramps pain. They’re perfect for on-the-go soothing or when you’re suffering at the office.

Homech heating pad amazon

Courtesy of Homech.

Homech Heating Pad

This advanced, standard size electric heating pad offers six different heat intensity settings to choose from. It also features a durable microfiber that feels soft and cozy on the skin.

Sunbeam heating pad

Courtesy of Sunbeam.

Sunbeam Slim Heating Pad

This full-sized yet slim heating pad features three heat settings for customized relief, as well as an easy slide control feature for ease of use. It’s also engineered with an auto shut-off functionality that shuts it off after two hours of use to prevent overheating

STYLECASTER | best heating apds

Courtesy of Cora.

Cora Period Balm + Heat Relief Patch

This innovative period balm is infused with all-natural warming ingredients to help relieve tension and cramping. The kit also contains one of their heating patches, which adheres to the skin to directly target the discomfort and pain.