21 Incredible Travel Destinations for the Wellness Obsessed

21 Incredible Travel Destinations for the Wellness Obsessed
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If your usual summer vacation includes way too many cocktails and approximately six hours per day spent lying by a pool, consider this: 21 refreshingly healthy retreats around the world. We’re talking about body-toning boot camps by the beach, yoga in Bali, meditation in India, and more life-altering experiences across the planet. So before you book another weekend in the Hamptons, scroll through our detailed breakdown of the best healthy getaways this summer.

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Love Yoga

Known for: Its studios in Venice and Montauk and for having world-class teachers. 

Upcoming retreats: Morocco October 15–22, and Goa India January 10–17, 2017.

Highlights: “Everyone looks forward to the morning and evening practice, and in between, we’re exploring, surfing, beaching, hiking, and relaxing,” Kyle Miller from Love Yoga told us. 

For its upcoming Morocco tour, Love Yoga’s taking over a stunning villa on a North African beach for a week of surfing, yoga twice daily, meditation, and Moroccan meals. Day trips to Essouria, Marrakech, and Paradise Valley are also in the cards. Spa treatments include the traditional hamman.

The India retreat is set on a quiet beach retreat along an untouched stretch of the Arabian Sea for two yoga classes a day, a guided evening meditation on volcanic rocks at sunset, authentic Indian food, and Ayurvedic spa treatments.

Prices: From $1,350 for shared accommodation.

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Naya Ubud

Location: Bali.

Known for: A nice, village feel, stunning Balinese decor, nourishing meals, and relaxing treatments.

Upcoming retreats: Naya offers three, five, and seven-day private retreats all year round. Or try its next group event: Rejuvenating and Transformative Bali Yoga Retreat with Gertrude Street Yoga August 7–13, which includes vinyasa yoga and sunrise meditation.

Price: Starting at $699.

Highlights: Only a seven-minute drive from the center of Ubud. Guests have quick access to Bali’s renowned cultural hub but will feel far enough from the crowds and traffic to enjoy the magic and essence of rural Bali. Balinese detox tonics, massages, facials, private yoga, excursions, whitewater rafting, cycling tours, juice cleanses, and meditation.

Insider tip: Prices stay fairly consistent, but if you mention this story when booking, you could save $50 off a private retreat. May, June, and July are generally the best time to travel to this area, as far as weather is concerned. If you’re not into the heat, know that September brings cooler mornings and evenings and warm, sunny afternoons.

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Location: Bali

Known for: Holistic, personalized, integrative wellness retreats bridging the wisdom of traditional cultures with innovative transformational healing concepts. The team at Fivelements will collaborate with you to develop a personalized program.

Upcoming retreats: Panca Mahabhuta for regeneration, replenishment, and alignment; Tri Kaya Parisudha for detoxification and transformation; and Cuisine for Life, an inspiring raw food culinary retreat for health, beauty, and longevity. 

Highlights: Most retreats begin with a healing consultation and include a Balinese blessing ceremony, gourmet healing meals, colonics, reflexology, massages, healing energy sessions, yoga, and meditation. Don’t miss Agni Hotra, a full-moon fire ceremony held monthly that is considered one of the highest Vedic rituals and closes with a three-course dinner.

Prices: Expect to pay at least $2,200 for a three-night stay.

Insider tip: To save money, book outside of the peak seasons, choose an offer from the retreat’s specials, or join a “Friends of Fivelements” membership to nab 25 percent off your first retreat.

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Shaniqwa Jarvis

Yoga for Bad People

Location: Retreats are held all around the world.

Known for: A different type of yoga for people who practice regularly and those who would never consider themselves hardcore yogis. 

Upcoming retreats: Between now and December there are retreats to Sicily, Croatia, Montana, Costa Rica, and Cuba. In 2017, retreats are being held in Careyes, Uruguay, Brazil, Cuba, Ireland, Croatia, and France after that. “Every retreat is different, but besides the yoga and meditation, we will be enjoying some boat trips in our European retreats, focused practice in Montana coupled with hiking, surfing in Brazil, and beautiful Havana nights and Caribbean beach days in Cuba,” explained cofounder Katelin Sisson

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Highlights: Every day starts with a 30-minute led meditation followed by a vinyasa yoga class. Then, the itinerary is dictated by the location—whether it be beach, surf lessons, hikes, boating, or exploring. 

Prices: Varies depending on location. “There are some retreats that cost more than others but whenever possible we try to offer an early-sign-up discount, or a discount when you sign up with a friend,” Sisson told us. 

Insider tip: Yoga for Bad People releases and sells retreats pretty far in advance to the time of travel, so there is generally time to save and pay over time, as well as get good flight deals.

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Location: Australia

Known for: One of the most incredible spas on the planet—and the largest in the southern hemisphere, Gwinganna is best known its holistic wellness programs and all-Australian treatments. 

Upcoming retreats: Book any time of year!

Highlights: One of the most vital activities is morning qigong (a form of tai chi)—this is done as the sun rises overlooking the valley and ocean and helps set the scene for the day.

Prices: Two-night packages start at around $980.

Don’t miss: The Tribal Dance activity for an awesome physical workout and amazing emotional release. 

Hot tips: Gwinganna offers a range of stays from two to seven days, but insiders tell us the Gwinganna Detox over seven nights is the most popular (and effective!). Typically it’s a little quieter toward the end of the year in late November and early to mid-December, so consider booking at this time for better offers. 

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Rolling Meadows Retreat

Location: Everywhere from Maine to Costa Rica.

Known for: Not many retreats combine yoga, meditation, and silence like Rolling Meadows. If it’s total relaxation you’re after and reconnecting with yourself, start here.

Upcoming retreats: Brookes, Maine, in September and October; Costa Rica in March; and Tuscany, Italy, in May.

Highlights: Every retreat follows a schedule that includes yoga asana, meditation, and breath-focused work.

Prices: From $895, but the prices vary depending on locations.

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Tulum Bikini Bootcamp

Location: Tulum, Mexico.

Known for: An ass-kicking fitness-based boot camp that’s attracted celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Demi Moore, and Cameron Diaz.

Upcoming retreats:  July 20–26, August 4–10, August 15–21  and then ongoing.

Highlights: All meals are included in your stay, plus massages, daily yoga, guided meditation, fitness classes, morning walks and workouts, tours of the local area, Mayan clay treatments, and more activities. 

Prices: From $2,250 for a shared room.

Insider tip: There are different benefits to visiting at really any time of year. If you travel here in the summer it’s super hot, but you’ll be rewarded with clear skies, huge sea turtles nesting, and warm beach days. 

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Red Mountain Resort

Location: Ivins, Utah.

Known for: Active destination retreats with guided hikes over thousands of acres of red rock desert.

Upcoming retreats: Retreats are offered year-round.

Highlights: Try Red Mountain Resort’s most popular getaway, Essential Retreat, for daily guided hikes, fitness classes, and healthy meals. The Find Your Park Package, a six-day, five-night experience that features day trips to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, a 50-minute slow beauty pedicure, cooking demonstrations and healthy lifestyle discussions, and all elements of the Essential Retreat

Prices: The Essential Retreat starts at $265 per person per night and is available for any length of stay. Find Your Park is a five-night package offered now through August 31, and rates start at $315 per person.

Insider tip: Consider traveling outside of peak season for lower rates and smaller crowds. Book in January or February—the winter is mild, with daytime highs of 50 to 60 degrees and lots of sun. 

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Middle Way Meditation Retreat

Location: Various locations across Thailand.

Known for: The fact that it is a nonprofit, but also for offering three types of meditation-based getaways, including a three-day meditation retreat, another beginner retreat over seven days on the island of Koh Yao Noi, and an intermediate version for seven days.

Upcoming retreats: Available year-round.

Highlights: Obviously, the most popular activities are meditation practices with Middle Way’s expert teachers.

Prices: From $120 for the three-day meditation retreat including food and accommodations.

Insider tip: When it comes to pricing, it doesn’t matter what time you stay—as a nonprofit Middle Way’s prices are steady year-round. However, the weather is best in December and January, when the weather is warm but not too hot in Thailand. 

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Shambhala Mountain Center

Location: Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.

Known for: Intense spiritual meditation retreats with Buddhist teachers.

Upcoming retreats: Wisdom Rising August 17–21,  an exploration of the divine feminine in Buddhism that includes meditation, yoga, somatic exercises, group discussions, and keynote talks from the retreat teachers; Finding Happiness Within: Reconnecting with Your Natural State through Pristine Mind Meditation, September 2–4 is a weekend retreat with Tibetan meditation master Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche.

Prices: From $537 for early-bird rates; however, prices go up as you get closer to the retreat date.

Insider tip: Shambhala Mountain Center is best in the summer and fall—the weather is fairly mild in summer, and the landscape is pretty damn stunning.

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Run Wild Retreats and Wellness

Location: All over the world.

Known for: Mindful running and wellness retreats in some of the world’s most spectacular running destinations.

Upcoming retreats: Moab, Utah; Southern Iceland; Costa Brava; and Spain.

Highlights: All of the itineraries include mindful running, wellness workshops, guided trail runs, meals, and accommodation in cool boutique hotels that reflect the local culture and heritage.

The upcoming Iceland Trail Running and Wellness Retreat ends with a soak at the world-famous Blue Lagoon natural geothermal hot springs. The Moab Mindful Running Retreat includes evening restorative yoga classes, ideal for runners’ tight bodies.

Insider tip: “It’s best to book as far out in advance as possible, and registration usually opens six or seven months ahead of the trip date,” suggested Run Wild’s founder Elinor Fish. After you head on your first vacation, you can also be eligible for special early booking offers for your next booking.

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Escape to Shape

Location: All across the world, including Peru, Iceland, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

Known for: A blend of culture and fitness that allows you to check out a new country while also getting in shape.

Upcoming retreats: Iceland August 24–29; Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley October 29–November 5; and Nicaragua November 7–13.

Prices: Costs differ depending on location, but generally it’s from $4,000–$5,000 per person for a shared room.

Insider tip: Don’t miss the Destination Detox Program; a results-oriented week that is tailored to your specific goals, whether that’s toning up before an event (ahem, wedding season), losing weight, or even training for a marathon.

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Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary

Location: Costa Rica.

Known for: Amazing yoga classes and health and beauty treatments set on a 250-acre rainforest in Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean.

Upcoming retreats: The Centered Self Retreat, August 27–September 2; and Spiritual Adventure Retreat, September 3–9.

Highlights: Samasati yoga classes are held every day at 6:30 a.m or 5:00 p.m., and no experience is necessary. Other activities include stand-up paddleboard yoga, acro yoga, martial arts, movement therapy, tai chi, qigong, bodywork, and energy healing. “The practice spaces are specifically oriented and designed to facilitate transformation, breakthroughs, celebrations, and moments of bliss,” a spokesperson from the retreat told us. Specifically (as you can see in the picture above), the two buildings, screened hexagonal rooms with large verandas, are surrounded by thriving jungle and gardens.

Prices: The cost seems to vary greatly depending on the package you’re chasing and the time of year you travel. Head to the website for full details.

Insider tip: You can book low-season rates now until December 18. The climate is a little different in this part of Costa Rica, meaning the weather is consistently lovely for travel any time of year. “Samasati is perched on a mountain overlooking the Caribbean Sea, and that elevation and proximity to the sea means moderate temperatures, cool breezes, and rainfall throughout the week after nightfall or early morning,” a rep explained.

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Chandra Bali Villas

Location: Bali.

Known for: Incredible service and amazing staff. The resort also has really beautiful bath and body-care products that are all handmade in Bali from local flowers, plants, and essences.

Upcoming retreats: Chandra doesn’t offer organized retreats per se, but you’re welcome to stay any time for a personalized, relaxing experience.

Highlights: Yoga is the resort’s most popular activity. It offers several types, depending on your skill level. You will also definitely want to try the relaxing Balinese massage and therapeutic Javanese massage.

Prices: Expect to pay at least $320 per night for a single room, but keep your eye on the website and book in advance for better rates.

Insider tip: Chandra offers discounts for bookings more than 120 days in advance, so get organized! If you travel in April and May, there will probably be morning showers but perfect weather in the afternoon. September and October is normally clear all day, and August (although a little humid) draws the international party crowd.

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Santosh Retreats

Location: London, Ibiza, St Moritz, and Sri Lanka.

Known for: The founder, Samiya Noorden, is a corporate-lawyer-turned-life coach and created the retreats for people who need to switch off and regain a sense of purpose in their lives. Life-coaching sessions are offered as part of your stay.

Upcoming retreats: The next retreat begins September 17 and will be in Ibiza.

Highlights: The upcoming Ibiza retreat includes a yoga course, Pilates, swimming, hiking, massage, and mostly healthy plant-based meals. Don’t worry, there’ll be champagne too.

Prices: $2,328 per person.

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Desa Seni School of Yoga and Wellness Eco Village Resort

Location: Bali

Known for: Catering to solo female travelers, particularly with its Surf Goddess retreats, which have been running for almost 14 years.

Upcoming retreats: There are two retreats coming up in 2016, the Surf Goddess and Bali Goddess retreats. Both run for seven days.

Prices: $2,195–$3,195.

Highlights: Yoga, spa treatments, surfing and stand-up paddleboarding lessons, and healthy organic meals. And, obviously, Bali.

Insider tip: Right now the resort is offering discounted rates, with $600 discounts and unlimited spa treatments to celebrate its 13th birthday. For early-bird bookings, current special rates are valid before September 1, 2016.

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Yoga Adventures

Location: Tulum, Mexico.

Known for: Relatively affordable yoga retreats in a destination that’s definitely already on your bucket list. Plus, a little pampering and a few cocktails.

Upcoming retreats: Retreats are being held almost every week throughout July and August. See a full list of dates here.

Highlights: People come for the yoga, but you’ll also love the spa treatments and cooking classes.

Prices: From $995 per person.

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Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat

Location: Bali.

Known for: This is one of the highest rated hotels in Bali, and is known for six-star service and the hyper-personalized attention paid to every guest. “All staff are trained to care for those going through life changes, detox, and other potentially uncomfortable adjustments on the path to wellness. It is this level of service to each and every guest that has allowed us to soar up the rankings of best resort in Bali,” owner Mikaku Doliveck told us.

Upcoming retreats: The next The Path to Happiness retreat is being held October 1–7, but you can book experiences year-round.

Highlights: Aside from the incredible service, guests rave about The Path to Happiness retreat and Bali Healers Tour, which works with local traditional healers.

Prices: From $1,895 per person.


Insider tip: “November–January are a bit more expensive due to peak season, but we generally discount special packages,” Doliveck told us, adding that in eight years of tours, weather has never been an issue.

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Pritkin Longevity Center and Spa

Location: Miami.

Known for: All-inclusive, incredibly luxurious stays that include healthy cooking classes, lectures, and fitness classes.

Upcoming retreats: You can book your stay any time of year, as there aren’t formal retreats.

Prices: OK, this experience is luxe, but so are the prices. Summer rates start at $4,150 per person, per week for double occupancy accommodations; and $4,800 per person, per week for single occupancy accommodations.

Insider tip: Jennifer Weinberg, Pritkin’s marketing manager, told us the best time to stay is during summer. “The beginning of June through early September is a great time to visit Miami. The crowds are gone, the prices have dropped, the air conditioner is on, and the pool is more inviting than ever,” she said. Guests generally book their stay at Pritikin about a month in advance.

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Location: Himalayas.

Known for: Integrating holistic Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation with your classic spa treatments.

Upcoming retreats: Wellness programs operate year-round, and they don’t hold formal retreats.

Highlights: Aside from the fact you’re located in the Himalayan foothills of India (!!), Ananda integrates traditional Ayurveda with healthy organic food, spa treatments, and fitness activities.

Prices: View a list of rates here.

Insider tip: Ananda’s marketing manager, Divya Babbar, told us that the period from April 16 to September 30 is when prices are a little lower. The weather is nice year-round, but October to March is typically the best. 

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El Dorado Casitas Royale

Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Known for: The award-winning spa, lots of pampering, and the stunning location in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Upcoming retreats: You can book your stay any time of year.

Prices: Click here to find out rates when you want to travel.

Insider tip: Don’t miss the Temazcal ritual that’s basically like a traditional herbal steam bath. It takes place inside a round earthen structure that symbolizes the womb of Mother Earth and is supposed to promote physical and emotional healing.

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