Stylish Hats That’ll Keep Your Face Safe from the Sun

Alicia Kort
Stylish Hats That’ll Keep Your Face Safe from the Sun
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The more we learn about the sun and what it does to our skin, the more important it is to protect yourself when you go outside for long periods of time. Whether the sun is shining bright in the sky or behind a cloud, your skin is still getting hit with a douse of ultraviolet rays. Those UV rays can wreak havoc on your skin and lead to skin cancer. Even if you put on face sunscreen before stepping out of the house or douse yourself with UPF 50+ while you’re at the beach, you might want to take the extra step and get a reliable hat. Sun damage isn’t cute, after all. 

We rounded up the best hats for you. Some hats are specifically designed with UV protection. Two of our picks have UPF 50+ and UPF 30+ protection, respectively, so you can trust your hat to shield you from the sun. Just because these hats are practical doesn’t mean that they aren’t also fashionable. One of our hats is an Instagram fave, while another is similar to what’s seen on celebrities. We also picked a fan-favorite baseball cap that is great to wear on the beach, while you’re hiking or just when you’re out running errands. You don’t have to sacrifice style to be safe.

This story was originally published on May 29, 2020.

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1. Funky Junque Women’s Sun Hat

You’ll be ready for whatever the sun’s rays throw at you with this sun hat. With UPF 50+, this sweet hat blocks out 88 percent of UV rays, keeping your face and head protected from sunburn. Lightweight, comfy and styled with a fashionable black ribbon, this hat has a built-in sweatband, so any sweat stays up in the hat and doesn’t run down your face, ruining your makeup. This hat is adjustable, and it truly is one-size-fits-all. You can choose from three different colors and 40 cute sayings.

Funky Junque Women’s Sun Hat

Image: Amazon

2. Lanzom Women Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat

From Miranda Kerr to Meghan Markle, everyone loves to rock a good straw hat. You can channel your favorite celebs with this wide-rim option from Lanzom. Tightly woven yet breathable, this hat has UPF 30+ sun protection. Whether you’re taking a stroll on the beach or exploring a winery, this hat is adaptable and can be worn just about anywhere. You can adjust the hat size by pulling or loosening the string inside the hat. There are more than 15 hat options, ranging in straw and band color.

Lanzom Women Lady Wide Brim Straw Hat

Image: Amazon.

3. adidas Originals Womens Strapback Cap

You can’t go wrong with a classic Adidas hat. This 100 percent cotton hat will keep you cool in hot temps and protect your face from the sun with its wide front brim. The six-panel hat gives the hat a casual and relaxed look. With the brand’s logo front and center, this hat is available in more than 25 cool color combos, including light pink and mint, if our orange pick is not your fave.

adidas Originals Womens Strapback Cap

Image: Amazon.

4. Women’s Wide Brim Sun Hat

Made out of recycled paper, you can feel good about wearing this breathable yet tightly woven sun hat. The hat also offers UPF 50 protection, so your head and face are safe from the sun. It’s easy to pack in your beach bag, because it’s foldable. It’ll retain its shape when you take it out of the bag later. To adjust the hat size, look inside the hat brim for a velcro strip where you can tighten or loosen this cute hat. You can choose from 10 different colors.

Women’s Wide Brim Sun Hat

Courtesy of FURTALK.

5. The Hat Depot 300N Unisex 100% Cotton Bucket Hat

This bucket hat is not only trendy, it’s also comfy. Made out of cotton, this hat is breathable and will keep you cool in the hot sun. It’s easy to pack in your bag, because it’ll retain its shape no matter how you stuff it into your bag. The hat comes in more than 35 colors, ranging from neon green to charcoal, so you can find something that suits your style.

The Hat Depot 300N Unisex 100% Cotton Bucket Hat

Courtesy of The Hat Depot.

6. FURTALK Women’s Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat

This Panama Straw Hat looks like something out of an old Hollywood movie. It’s the vacation and summer hat. The hat is made out of a combo of natural paper straw and polyester. It comes with a removable chin strap, which can help keep your hat in place on windy days. The hat has an adjustable velcro band on the inside of the band. It’s available in colors ranging from ivory to black.

FURTALK Women’s Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat

Courtesy of FURTALK.

7. Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Catalina Cowboy Hat

If you love the cowboy aesthetic, you need to check out this hat. It was inspired by the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It’s made out of natural raffia and features suede and bead accents, which makes it feel like you bought the hat while you were on vacation in the desert. Made with a sturdy wire brim, this hat will keep you safe from the sun. It comes in three colors, including natural, mushroom and ocean blue.

Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Catalina Cowboy Hat

Courtesy of Wallaroo.