Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2010!

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2010!
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Halloween is the one day weekend a year when you can tuck away your skinny jeans and truly become whomever you want to be. Whether it be channeling your inner Jersey Shore (how many Snooki poofs did you see bopping around this past weekend?) or taking it back to your favorite decade, its safe to say you wont be alone.

From Lady Gaga and the Red Queen to Avatar, we all knew what costumes to expect. But which celebs took a turn to the unexpected? Click through to check out our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes and find out who paid homage to their favorite green food, who put the hair gel away for a night and who went completely incognito.

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Heidi Klum- Best Incognito.
Is Heidi really in there?

Pauly D- Best Inappropriate 16 Year Old.
Baby, baby, baby no.

Christian Siriano- Best Drag.
We actually mistook him for Demi Moore.

Kim Kardashian- Best Most  Obvious.
We think
Mean Girls put it best when they said: "Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like total sluts and no other girls can say anything about it."

Brooklyn Decker - Best '90s Throwback.
Who didn't collect trolls back in the day?

Snooki- Best Costume To Wear When Everyone Else Is Dressing Up As You.
But did she find her pickle juice-head prince?

Nicole Richie- Best Indie. 
And why didn't Joel throw on a tracksuit and call it a day?

Brad Goreski- Best Fashion Forward.
But, really? Who does it better, Brad as Anna or Anna as Anna?

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