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12 Best Graphic Tees That Say It Like You Mean It

Jamie Miles
12 Best Graphic Tees That Say It Like You Mean It
Photo: Forever 21.

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There’s a time and a place for plain white tees, but there’s also something to be said for a bolder graphic tee that literally makes a statement. Forever 21 is the king of budget tees, so much so that you can wear a different phrase depending on your mood or mindset without breaking the bank on your fashion haul.

Use fall as an excuse to add some new statement-making clothing to the mix that’ll look good paired with jeans, dressed up under a blazer, peeking out under a leather jacket or even just serving as a comfy pajama top or workout tee. Here are our favorite men’s and women’s tees from Forever 21 to get you through another season, loud, proud and, most importantly, in style.


Women’s ‘Feeling Fine’ Graphic Top

Image: Forever 21.

1. Women’s ‘Feeling Fine’ Graphic Top

“Feeling fine since ‘90” is pretty much a millennial status update. This crew neck hoodie is made for ‘90s babies who are still shamelessly wearing scrunchies and hair clips on the daily.

‘Friends’ Graphic Tee in black

Image: Forever 21.

2. Women’s ‘Friends’ Graphic Tee

Maybe you weren’t old enough to watch Friends when it first came out, but you’re certainly not one to miss a pop culture moment and 25 years since the show’s first episode launched is reason to celebrate. Show your support of Rachel, Ross, Chandler and more with this long-sleeved crew neck. Men, don’t worry, there’s one for you, too!

billie elish tshirt

Image: Forever 21.

3. Women’s ‘Billie Eilish’ Graphic Tee

Billie Eilish may not have invented the graphic tee, but she certainly brought it back into the mainstream. If wearing designer everything isn’t really your thing (and you don’t want to spend your entire annual clothing budget on one Louis Vuitton shirt), then wear Billie Eilish on your tee to shout that you’re a fan. (We love the way this oversized tee looks with biker shorts!)

Women’s ‘Cardio is Hardio’ Graphic Muscle Tee

Image: Forever 21.

4. Women’s ‘Cardio is Hardio’ Graphic Muscle Tee

Honesty is the best policy, and announcing ‘Cardio is Hardio’ on your shirt is something pretty much everyone can get behind, especially when you’re sweating it out at the gym. Be prepared to get a lot of nods of agreement with this one.

Women’s ‘Rolling Stones’ Graphic Tour Tee

Image: Forever 21.

5. Women’s ‘Rolling Stones’ Graphic Tour Tee

Here’s a tee design that’ll have staying power. The iconic Rolling Stones lips and tongue graphic is displayed front and center while the back of this women’s shirt lists vintage tour dates from 1978. What’s even cooler is if your city made the list — from Buffalo, N.Y. to Oakland, C.A. and more, see if the Stones made a stop in your hometown back in the day.

Women’s Cherry & Lips Graphic Top

Image: Forever 21.

6. Women’s Cherry & Lips Graphic Top

Sometimes no words are actually needed to convey a feeling. This cherry and lips graphic top is just the right amount of flirty without overdoing it. We can see this cropped crew paired with a leather skirt for fall for the perfect amount of sass.

never again graphic tee

Image: Forever 21.

7. Men’s ‘Never Again’ Graphic Tee

Let everyone keep guessing what you’ve sworn off for good with this ‘never again’ tee for men. The neon green font pops on the boxy black tee, so you’ll be spotted at a distance.

alright mens graphic tee

Image: Forever 21.

8. Men’s ‘Alright’ Embroidered Graphic Sweatshirt

If you’re a summer kinda guy, then you may only feel ‘alright’ about the temps dropping. Tell the world how you really feel with this sweatshirt that’s great for colder weather or that chilly airplane.

Men’s ‘Not Interested’ Graphic Tee

Image: Forever 21.

9. Men’s ‘Not Interested’ Graphic Tee

There are so many ways to wear this one… whether you’re out and about declaring your lack of social interest or if you’re stuck in a class you’re really dreading. Wearing this may mean you get ignored, which is just what you were hoping for, wasn’t it?

Men’s Basquiat Graphic Sweatshirt

Image: Forever 21.

10. Men’s Basquiat Graphic Sweatshirt

Here’s a graphic tee that’s more artsy than outspoken. If you’re a fan of Basquiat’s work, this crew-cut sweatshirt in a loud yellow will show your love of the artist. The sweatshirt features Basquiat’s crown design centered on the front and his full name down the arm.

Men’s Britney Spears Graphic Tee

Image: Forever 21.

11. Men’s Britney Spears Graphic Tee

Here’s an artist that needs no introduction. Just the face of this pop star is enough to make it clear where your loyalties lie. With the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears herself.

roscoes chicken and waffles tee

Image: Forever 21.

12. Men’s ‘Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles’ Tee

In our opinion, West Coast is the best coast when it comes to waffle houses – and L.A. has N.Y. beat with this casual comfort food joint that attracts lines out the door. Start up a conversation about this legendary spot that’ll have you and everyone around you trying to curb their cravings.

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