Stylish Gold Earrings You’ll Want to Wear Everywhere

Alicia Kort
Stylish Gold Earrings You’ll Want to Wear Everywhere
Photo: Courtesy of Adobe.

Every woman should have a beautiful, but simple pair of gold earrings in her arsenal. Gold earrings go with most of the outfits in your closet. With the right pair of earrings, you’ll be able to wear them to any event and for any occasion. When you’re running late and trying to get out the door, it’s smart to have a pair of fail-safe earrings you can leave in a jewelry tray. One of these pairs of earrings we selected below could be that pair for you. 

You can wear our picks to work, to a family gathering, on a date or on a night out on the town with your friends. These accessories can go from day to night (and back again) seamlessly. Statement earrings are great and all, but a reliable pair of earrings you can wear over-and-over again are a girl’s real best friend. That’s not to say gold earrings have to be boring and basic, though. 

We selected three pairs of high-quality earrings that appeal to several different styles. For the girl who religiously follows all trends or just wants a hint of rock ’n’ roll, the chain earrings will be right up her alley. If she just wants some classic hoops, well, we’ve done her one better. We picked out a set that will raise her four pairs of hoops of all different sizes. And for the girl who wants her accessories with a side of sparkle, we found some classy, timeless twinklers that’ll stand out from her earlobes.

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1. ORAZIO 4 Pairs Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings Set


ORAZIO 4 Pairs Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings Set

Courtesy of ORAZIO.

This high-polished, stainless steel hoop set from ORAZIO includes four sets of hoops in varying sizes. If you like having a variety of gold hoop earrings, this is the perfect set for you. These shiny gold earrings will stand out and are lightweight on your earlobe, so you won’t feel the discomfort that comes with wearing too-heavy earrings. There’s also a secure clasp in back to ensure your earrings stay in your earlobes.

2. PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Earrings


PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Earrings

Courtesy of PAVOI.

If you like a little glitter with your gold, these PAVOI earrings might be your best bet. Elegant without looking like too much, these earrings look delicate while adding an extra sparkle to your evening. The back is rounded, hoop-shaped and connects to the earring bar, unlike other earrings. No one will be able to see the earring clasp from behind if you wear an updo. The 14K gold-plated cubic zirconia earrings are hypoallergenic as well as nickel- and lead-free.

3. Gold Chain Earrings Ear Cuffs


Gold Chain Earrings Ear Cuffs

Courtesy of Amazon.

Made out of sterling silver and plated with 14K gold, these earrings are very on-trend. The bar-chain cuff combo looks simultaneously dainty and bold. You can wear them everywhere and with every outfit. Also, if you’re someone who always loses the back of their earring, you won’t have to worry about that with this particular earring style. The post will stay attached to the base. These earrings make for a fun gift and come in a nice gift box.

4. AIDSOTOU Gold Hoop Earrings Set

AIDSOTOU Small Butterfly Star Hoop Earrings Set

Courtesy of AIDSOTOU.

If you’re on the hunt for a full new set of gold earrings, look no further. This set includes stars, snakes, butterflies, lightning bolts and stars, which is perfect if you’re into a more New Age-y style. You can even mix and match the earrings to create a more quirky look. The earrings are small enough to not weigh down your ears, but large enough to make a statement.