Actually Useful Gifts For That One Workaholic Friend Who *Seriously* Needs a Vacation

Mia Maguire
Actually Useful Gifts For That One Workaholic Friend Who *Seriously* Needs a Vacation
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We all have that one friend who constantly cancels last minute because of tight deadlines or late nights at the office, and while we appreciate —and maybe even admire —their ceaseless dedication to their career, the whole “work life balance” notion isn’t even anywhere close to being on their on their radar — let alone a priority. If you’re one of my friends, that person is probably me (oops!). Anyway, I’m not the only millennial committed to working hard, even if that means sacrificing wine night or the workout that my anxiety-ridden body desperately needs. With all of this being said, I’m basically the perfect person to suggest the best gifts for workaholic friends. You could book them a weekend getaway or a massage at a luxe spa, but you that these types are ever reluctant to use their PTO — you know, the type that checks their emails every ten minutes or immediately responds to pings in their office Slack channel even when they’re on a paid vacation.

Sure, you may not be able to change their workhorse ways, but you can gift them with something that will either gently encourage them that they need a damn vacation or, at the very least, make their office space a bit more comfortable — seeing as how they practically live there and all. With that being said, these gifts aren’t exactly enabling them to neglect life outside work (well, maybe a little, in some cases), but serving as a gentle reminder that everyone needs a little R & R sometimes. Because, job burnout is definitely a real thing.

Casper Weighted Blanket


I personally own this blanket, and it’s by far the best I’ve tried so far. This stress-reducing blanket coddles me to sleep — it’s kind of hard to get out of bed in the morning with this thing.

Cell phone jail urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters.

Um, this affordable and hilarious cell phone jail is absolutely genius. Perfect gag gift for the office White Elephant party, if you ask me.

Seven days of self care advent calendar


Workaholics often neglect self-care habits in favor of meeting deadlines. This advent calendar will give them a little nudge to take time for themselves — if only for a week.

Uncommon Goods phone vase

Uncommon Goods.

It may be called “bedside” vase, but since this workaholic has been known to fall asleep at her desk during times of tight deadline, it fits the bill.

coffee alarm clock

Urban Outfitters.

This surprisingly chic two-in-one is the ideal morning time-saving hack for busy professionals who can’t stand being late — or without their cup of joe.

Cubii under desk elliptical the grommet

The Grommet.

Your work-obssessed friend is probably know to ditch the gym in favor of meeting a tight deadline, so why not gift them with a gadget that allows them to do both?

I am very busy notebook bando


A cheeky notebook that allows them to jot down all of their incredible ideas in style.

Mini desk heater amazon


Offices are notorious for blasting the air regardless of the temperature outside. This adorable mini space heater is a great alternative to stowing an emergency sweater under the desk.

Heated mouse pad urban outfitters.

Urban Outfitters.

An awesome Winter-friendly sidekick for late nights at the office.

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