The Best Meal Delivery Programs to Ease Into the New Year With

The Best Meal Delivery Programs to Ease Into the New Year With
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Love it or hate it, many of us are easing into the new year with a slower pace than usual. Wrapping things up takes patience and a lot of work, which means we have a little less time on our hands to cook new meals. Sure, ordering takeout or prepared meals via Postmates or Uber Eats is always a reasonably solid option, but if you’re like me and have realized that the majority of the money you’ve shelled out during the pandemic has literally gone directly to the pricey contactless restaurant and lazy-day fast food orders, you may also be looking to pull back a bit on relying on these delivery apps to feed you, whether because you’re looking to save money or just trying to get back on track with healthier eating habits.

While many of us are familiar with some of the O.G. meal prep delivery and subscription services like Blue Apron, there are plenty of newer and more under-the-radar options that also deliver ready-to-cook and perfectly portioned ingredients that won’t put such a dent in your wallet and will help you get back in the kitchen. Sure, they may not be quite as budget-friendly as shopping for your own groceries, but they’re ridiculously convenient nonetheless. And that’s worth every penny.

Plus, these services are the perfect option for beginner chefs like me that want to dabble in the “culinary arts”, but still need just a little more help in the kitchen than the average person (hey, at least I’ve graduated from microwavable burritos, y’all!). Scroll through below to check out some of our favorite lesser-known food delivery services to try out for yourself.

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factor 75

Courtesy of Factor 75.

Factor 75 

Fast and easy doesn’t have to mean expensive or unhealthy. Factor 75 is here to change up your sad desk lunch for good with their ready-to-eat meals that offer big flavor and plenty of good-for-you ingredients. Each week, you can select from 29+ delicious, chef-crafted meals that cater to a variety of preferences from Veggie to Keto. All you have to do when they arrive at your doorstep is pop them in the fridge (they’ll stay fresh for seven days), and follow the microwave instructions when it’s time to eat. You can also add on goodies like smoothies and snacks so your fridge is fully stocked with healthy food.

hello fresh lunch kit

Image: HelloFresh.


Having a fresh, gourmet lunch to look forward is the perfect way to break up the WFH day, and HelloFresh’s easy-to-follow lunch meal kits make that a cinch to do in just 30 minutes (or less!). You can choose from 50+ meal kits each week ranging from vegetarian to low carb, so there’s always something new to try no matter your dietary needs. Plus, all the ingredients are pre-measured to save you valuable time—and will free you from washing more dishes too. Best of all, you have total flexibility. You can change your delivery day, add extra meals to your order, or even skip a week when you’re out of town. It can’t get easier than that.

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Courtesy of Blue Apron.

Blue Apron

You probably have already heard about Blue Apron, our personal fave, but here’s a refresher in case you’re new to the whole meal delivery program thing. You can pick your meal plans based on how many people you need to feed, as well as opt for vegetarian and “wellness”-based options too, so you can tailor meals to any and all dietary restrictions and preferences. Plans start at just $9.99 per meal, which is way less than that pricey salad you’ve been ordering in every single afternoon.

Sun Basket

Courtesy of Sun Basket.

Sun Basket

Offering customizable meals starting at just $10.99 for dinner dishes, Sun Basket’s ridiculously easy and hassle-free food delivery makes it easy to cook simple, high-quality and tasty dishes without breaking the bank or requiring top chef status culinary skills. Offering a vast selection of fresh and delicious meals suitable for a wide range of diets, from vegan to paleo, Freshly makes it easy to eat clean and organic without having to spend a fortune. Plus, new members are eligible for $35 off their first order!

Territory foods meal delivery

Courtesy of Territory Foods.

Territory Foods

My neighbor, ex-boyfriend and obviously me are all addicted to Territory Food’s super fresh, tasty and microwave-friendly meals. They. are. so. good. The meal delivery service often teams up with local, top-rated restaurants like Los Angeles based eateries Gracias Madre and Cafe Gratitude (along with their ongoing partnership with Bravo’s Top Chef Chef Eric) and there’s always a new rotation of meal options that changes every week, so you never get bored or run out of new items to try. Of course, if you do happen to be addicted to a meal, there are always permanent menu offerings (my favorite is the Keto Grilled Salmon with Cauliflower and Broccoli) that vary depending on your region.

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Courtesy of Green Chef.

Green Chef

Green Chef offers three organic plans: one for those of us who are following a keto or paleo diet, a “Balanced Living” plan and a third “Plant-Powered” option that’s perfect for vegetarians and vegans. All of the produce and eggs they use are certified organic too, which means that the resulting meals will be both delicious and good for you. Their menu of offerings also changes on a weekly basis so you’ll never feel like you’re eating the same thing twice.

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Courtesy of Marley Spoon.

Marley Spoon

Do you ever wish that you could cook like Martha Stewart? Now you can with Marley Spoon! Choose from over 29 Martha Stewart-approved weekly recipes, schedule a delivery date that works for you and cook up some seriously good meals the second your food arrives. All of the recipes contain only six easy-to-follow steps, so you’ll be cooking like a kitchen whiz in no time.

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Courtesy of Purple Carrot.

Purple Carrot 

If you’re in need of a plant-based meal plan, try Purple Carrot. On average, each Purple Carrot meal results in 72% less carbon being released into the atmosphere when compared to the average American meal. Luckily, plant-based doesn’t have to mean boring. Purple Carrot’s ever-changing menu offers meals like Walnut-Crusted Artichokes and Spicy Almond Butter Noodles. Yum!

Gold belly meal delivery

Courtesy of Goldbelly.


If you’re not ready to give up restaurant food, but still want to get back into the habit of actually cooking food for yourself, Goldbelly’s premium meal kits are the perfect in-between solution. The delivery service offers ready-to-eat meal kits from some of the best restaurants and chefs around the country for some pretty reasonable prices. You can also filter results based on not only your region, but also by diet type, category and price point, so there’s seriously something for everyone.

Freshly food delivery

Courtesy of Freshly.


For those who just are simply *not* ready to graduate from the microwave to the stove and oven right now (or ever, we won’t judge) but don’t want to consume the excess sodium and preservative frozen meals often contains, it’s time to give Freshly a try. Basically, it’s a weekly subscription service that delivers fresh (not frozen) meals made by a legit chef that can be heated up and ready to eat in just three minutes. Because it’s all about balance, baby.

Vegin out food delivery

Courtesy of Vegin’ Out.

Vegin’ Out

Perfect for all the vegans and vegetarians out there, Vegin’ Out’s mouth-watering plant-based delivery plans offer oil-free, low-sodium and nutritionally dense meals with a huge variety of subscription options, from single or bi-weekly delivery options to 21-day cleanse plans. They also a yummy selection of meal add-ons, allowing you to add vegan breakfasts, sides, green juice and desserts to your order for a small fee.

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Courtesy of Sakara Life.

Sakara Life

Sakara Life’s plant-powered meal program offers four different options to cater to your individual needs and wellness goals, with a focus on improving digestion, energy and even enhancing your complexion through nutrition: Signature Organic Meal Delivery, Detox Level II and Brides. Each ready-to-eat meal not only tastes delicious (yes, even if you’re not vegan), but also make you feel like a new person (trust me, I just tried the Total Body Reset a week ago). Some of my favorites dishes include Pink Peppercorn Tomato Bisque, Sexy Cinnamon Rolls and the Black Garlic BBQ Burger).

They’re even offering a new 30-Day Reset Program that’s expertly designed to start your New Year health journey off on the right foot.

thistle The Best Meal Delivery Programs to Ease Into the New Year With

Courtesy of Thistle.


As I mentioned above, I’m not even plant-based and I absolutely loved each and every nutrient-dense meal I tried from Thistle (although, for pescatarian and carnivores, they do also offer dishes with fish and meat.) Unlike other meal delivery services, Thistle allows you to customize your menu and you can pause the program at any time but trust me, you will not want to. Some of my favorite dishes from the program include Creamy Tomato Pasta, Cauliflower Polenta Bowl and the Dirty Chai Oatmeal Bowl. They also offer a huge assortment of fresh juices and sides as well.

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