Chic Faux Fur Accent Pillows to Upgrade Your Space on a Budget

Mia Maguire
Chic Faux Fur Accent Pillows to Upgrade Your Space on a Budget
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Never underestimate the space-saving magical powers of a decorative accent pillow. Even with the most lackluster sofa or chair, a few textured (and vegan-friendly) faux fur pillows can transform your drab home furnishings without having to splurge on higher-priced pieces to save the day. Accent pillows the ultimate home decor upgrade without having to commit to a new couch or investing your life savings. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom, living room or dining room, these underrated design accessories instantly add texture, color, and style to an otherwise tedious space.

Sure, pillows serve the practical function of keeping our heads propped up while making our beds, sofas and lounge chairs more comfortable, but they’re also decorative. They’re pretty much the easiest and most cost-effective way to elevate your apartment’s aesthetic, am I right? Plus, if you get bored with your interior design get-up, they make for a fool-proof and ridiculously easy seasonal switch-up.

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1. OJIA Deluxe Home Decorative Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Ojia fur pillow


Soft to the touch and plush, this Mongolian faux fur pillow cover, gives your space a touch of color and texture with just one affordable piece. It’s designed with an invisible zipper for easy removal and insertion and is machine washable.

2. Sansheng Round Faux Sheepskin Pillow

Sansheng faux fur pillow amazon


This vegan-friendly faux fur pillow is the perfect pick-me-up to bare couches, sofas, and accent chairs. The unique, circular design adds a textural (and Instagram-worthy) touch to your dull and/or outdated home furniture without having to invest in pricier pieces.


3. Uhomy 2 Packs Home Decorative Faux Fur Pillows

Uhomy 2 Packs Home Decorative Pillows

Courtesy of Uhomy.

If you’re on the hunt for a statement-making accent pillow, look no further. You can get two vibrant and colorful pillows for your couch, chair or bed. These faux fur pillow covers fit over 18 in. pillow inserts or 20 in. pillow inserts. The covers are machine washable, too. You can opt for one or two matching covers.

4. WLNUI Set of 2 Spring Decorative Lumbar Pink Fluffy Pillow Covers

WLNUI Set of 2 Spring Decorative Lumbar Pink Fluffy Pillow Covers

Courtesy of WLNUI.

Instead of just coming in the typical square shape that we’re so used to, these pillows come in a rectangular shape as well, which will give your couch a different vibe. These pillows come in 12 in. by 20 in., 16 in. by 16 in., 18 in. by 18 in. and 20 in. by 20 in. You can pick from pink, gray, white and black faux fur options.

5. Foindtower Mongolian Plush Faux Fur Pillow

Foindtower Mongolian Plush Faux Fur

Courtesy of Foindtower.

These eye-catching faux fur pillow covers are as soft as they look. The fur is longer than other options and underneath there’s a thick suede backing, so you’ll be tempted to take a nap on these. You can even machine-wash these pillow covers separately to keep them clean. They come in seven different colorways.