5 Game-Changing Fashion Startups That Deserve Your Attention

texting street stylePhoto: Imaxtree

We’ve all heard the success stories of massive digital fashion companies like luxury retailer Net-a-Porter and artisanal marketplace Etsy, but for every accomplished business that exists, there are hundreds of startups just beginning to carve out their place in the industry—all hoping to be The Next Big Thing.

Whether it’s the tailored lingerie brand that’s already raised more than $5,600,000 in funding, or the socially-conscious company giving you a good reason to clean out your closet, there are some truly exciting new ventures changing the way we approach style. Ahead, we spotlight five tech-savvy fashion startups that deserve your full attention.

Third Love 

An app aiming to shake up the lingerie industry, users are able to take their exact bra measurements using patented technology and a phone camera. Bras are available in half sizes, so you don’t have to settle for a fit that’s not quite right, and the company offers a 100% guarantee, so there’s zero risk— if you’re not totally happy with your purchase you can easily send it back.

Nineteenth Amendment

If you wouldn’t be caught dead in Zara, Forever 21, or H&M, and prefer to wear cool, under-the-radar labels, Nineteenth Amendment is for you. The store offers fresh collections from a handpicked group of independent American designers. Here’s the kicker though: Instead of selling off-the-rack pieces, everything is available for 45 days on pre-sale at the wholesale price, which reduces the risk of over-producing for new designers, and cuts the cost for shoppers like you.

Fashion Project

We’re all guilty of hoarding clothes that we know we’ll never wear again, so Fashion Project is helping you get rid of your old stuff, and help people in need.

Here’s how it works: instead of holding on to those skinny jeans that are a touch too skinny, clean out your closet and donate your pre-loved pieces to Fashion Project. They’ll send you a pre-paid donation bag and label at home, so you can mail it in for free. Then, your pieces will be sold on their online store, and proceeds will go to a charity of your choice. They’ve already raised more than $2,000,000 in funding from investors and have thousands of pieces available to buy on the site.

Style Lend

If you find yourself itching to buy new designer clothes but don’t really want to spend a ton, well, there’s an app for that. Style Lend allows you to borrow high-end pieces and lend out your own clothes for cash. It’s available for free download right now in the Apple iTunes store.


Anyone who’s booked a model, photographer, stylist, or designer—or any creative professional, for that matter—will know the process of going through an agency is manual, time-consuming, and expensive. Enter Swipecast, a new app that facilitates bookings directly through your mobile. Aside from convenience, there’s also another huge bonus for professionals listed on the app—instead of waiting weeks for your invoice to be paid by the agency, the company who books your services pays instantly, straight through the app.