These Face Shields Just Might Force You to Stop Touching Your Face Once & For All

Mia Maguire
These Face Shields Just Might Force You to Stop Touching Your Face Once & For All
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

At this point, we should all be pretty used to wearing a face mask or at least some form of acceptable facial coverings when we’re out in public to protect ourselves and others from the Coronavirus. However, full face, transparent facial shields that add a little extra protection to your cloth covering can help give you extra protection against contracting, and spreading germs when in public spaces. These clear protective shields kind of resemble a visor, except they cover up not only your nose and mouth but also your eyes and the rest of your face to help you prevent touching it all day—and we all know that keeping our paws off of our mug is kind of a challenge—or is that just me?

While not mandatory at this point, they are thought to give you a leg up when it comes to virus defense, so why not take the extra precaution (along with social and physical distancing protocol, of course) to keep yourself and others safe. Sure, they may not be the chicest “accessories” to ever exist, but they’re undoubtedly functional, and that’s frankly, much more important right now. Aside from being totally transparent, these shields are also available in anti-fog versions, which, as anyone who wears eyewear knows, is a major plus when you’re trying to protect yourself from getting sick and also, you know, see where you’re going. Scroll through below to check out some solid options to add to your current lineup for a little extra defense.

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Art to Frames shield

Courtesy of Art to Frames.

See, they’re not *quite* as dorky as you’ve imagined.

UNKN face mask amazon

Courtesy of UNKN.

This reusable and super easy to clean facial shield can be worn up to thirty times without harboring germs and bacteria. It doesn’t protect your eyes, but at least you can show off your lipstick with it on?

Gizda face shield etsy

Courtesy of Gizda.

This face shield not only protects your mouth, nose, and face from germs, but it also gives you some SPF protection too.

Salon World safety face mask

Salon World.

This full-face shield not only protects you against droplets from sneezes and coughs, but it’s also designed with anti-fog properties.

ModaLook face shield etsy

Courtesy of ModaLoom.

This convenient flippable facial shield allows you to move it up or down to take a bite or sip of food. It’s the perfect option for social distance happy hours and dates outside.

Safe8te Trends face mask Etsy

Courtesy of Safe8te Trends.

This fabric-shield mask hybrid gives you the best of benefits from both cloth and plastic coverings.

Alangbudu face mask shield amazon

Courtesy of Alangbudu.

Not only does this washable, reusable face mask combine both fabric and plastic facial shield, but it’s also designed with a mouth zipper to allow you to eat and drink without removing the entire thing.