The Everyday Bras 8 STYLECASTER Editors Live In

The Everyday Bras 8 STYLECASTER Editors Live In
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The category of the “everyday bra” is usually one of the sadder parts of the lingerie market—dull, flesh-toned T-shirt bras with sensible underwires and little incentive to be shown off. But how many of us really and truly wear those every day, despite what their name might suggest?

My money was on not too many, which is why I asked STYLECASTER editors to open up their underwear drawers (uh, not literally) and share what they really find themselves coming back to time and time again—and, as I suspected, the responses varied widely, from strappy lace bralettes to cleavage-boosting push-ups.

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As prescriptive as the lingerie market can be—”85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size,” blah, blah, blah—at the end of the day, we choose what we like and what makes us the most comfortable. Love ’em or hate ’em, bras are highly personal, and no one needs to feel like they need a dreary “everyday wardrobe” any more than they need to wear orthotic-style “sensible shoes” five days a week.

So, in the interest of widening the definition of everyday—and tipping you off to some excellent underwear options while we’re at it—we’ve compiled a list of our editors’ absolute favorite picks in the gallery ahead.

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"It sounds like the biggest humblebrag of all time, but having a very small waist and comparatively very large breasts has made finding bras an issue from day one (of puberty). Imagine being, like, 13 and walking into a Victoria’s Secret and being told they don’t carry your bra size in stores but maybe you can find it online? Anyway, I hate bras, partly because I can never seem to find one that fits, partly because I am emotionally scarred for life, and partly because they are so uncomfortable it chills me to the bone just to think about putting one on. Surprisingly, I have found great success with bralettes! I like stretchy lace ones that I can buy on the smallish side so that they’re fitted at the shoulders and back and tight enough to keep the situation wrangled. I’m partial to the ones from Free People. In black, plz." — Rachel Krause, beauty editor

Galloon Lace Deep V Bra, $44; at Free People

"I was raised with the school of thought that a little extra ain’t gonna hurt you, so I wear the VS Bombshell just about every day. Recently made popular by Kylie Jenner, this ridiculously comfortable push-up bra adds two cup sizes, and honestly looks (and feels) fabulous—I own multiples in almost every material and color." — Jessica Teves, editor in chief

Add-2-Cups Push-Up Bra, $59.50; at Victoria's Secret

"I’m not working with a ton in the boob department, yet I never seem to gravitate to bras that promise to enhance. Once in a (very) rare while, I’ll bust out a trusty push-up, but for every day, I stick to simple wireless bralette styles in white, nude, or black. I love ones by Warner that I can buy in bulk in Target, but I recently discovered Negative Underwear’s mesh Sieve styles and haven’t looked back. Although they’re unstructured, they give a shocking amount of support, whether I’m wearing a tee or something tighter, and they come in three neutral shades." — Perrie Samotin, editorial director

Sieve Non-Wire Bra, $55; at Negative Underwear

"I own an inordinate amount of lingerie for someone who basically ends up wearing the same thing every day, but I can't help it that this bra is so damn comfortable. I really like plunge styles (like a V-neck, but for bras), but they're surprisingly difficult to find—I'd been looking for a good not-too-padded-but-not-totally-unlined version for years before finding this one. I also highly recommend the racerback version, which has solved the slipping-strap issue that's plagued me for my entire bra-wearing career." — Hilary George-Parkin, fashion editor

Natori Feathers Contour Plunge Bra, $68; at True & Co.

"The big perk about having small boobs is that there is no need for underwire at any stage of my day, ever. Instead, I wear lace soft-cup bras under just about everything—they’re so much more comfortable than anything I’ve worn before." — Jasmine Garnsworthy, editor

Betty Softcup Bra, $60.07; at Lonely


"ThirdLove’s True Bliss Wireless Bra is my ride or die—it’s so comfortable, I own three in the exact same nude color so I always have a backup to wear. I’m small-chested, so I don’t need underwire for support, and it only digs uncomfortably into my skin anyway. Not only is this one wireless (praise be!), but it’s made from a super-soft microfiber jersey fabric that I swear I could sleep in." — Cristina Velocci, managing editor

True Bliss Wireless Bra, $42; at Third Love

"Cosabella’s molded mesh bra is the one I reach for most often. The underwire gives you support without being uncomfortable, and the stretchy mesh is super-soft. Although I wear padded bras sometimes, it’s not my preference, since they feel weirdly constricting to me. This one is the next-best thing to going braless." — Hannah Hickok, lifestyle editor

Soire New Molded Bra, $67.50; at Cosabella

"I only bought this bra recently, and I’m already convinced I probably need to buy like four more. I used to hate strapless bras because they’d always wind up slipping down on me, but this one manages to stay put. It’s also perfect for spring and summer when sleeveless and spaghetti-strap dresses seem to dominate my wardrobe. What’s more, it comes with straps that you can attach normally or crisscross for racerbacks, so it’s really versatile." — Mel Matzker, social media manager

On Gossamer Convertible Underwire Push-Up Bra, $44; at Nordstrom

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