The Best Erotica of 2017—and What to Read in 2018

Best Erotica of 2017

Calling all erotica fans! We know you’re a no-nonsense group that doesn’t enjoy being handed a bunch of poorly written garbage. The best erotica comes from great storytelling, and we’re not playing. When it comes to truly amazing erotica, you can get into trouble trying to weed out the terrible sex scenes from the great stories. Sometimes you want a threesome that doesn’t include a bunch of unnecessary adjectives.

We’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a curated list of the year’s best sexy books, look no further. From the greatest short-story anthologies to the steamiest novels on the market, here’s the best erotica of 2017—plus, a few titles to look out for in 2018.

Make Me

This sexy story from Beth Kery is a book that will make any holiday travel feel like a breeze. Journalist Harper McFadden finds herself on a journey of self-discovery in Lake Tahoe, only to have her heart (and lust) swept away by a gorgeous billionaire. She finds his brooding mystery simply irresistible. Plus, he has a beautiful heart (and a beautiful something else). Everyone, meet your new Fifty Shades.

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Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 3

More into bite-sized scenes over entire novels? Look no further. Rachel Kramer Bussel has rounded up the best erotic stories of the entire year just for you. Sink your teeth into these female-focused stories wherein our heroines explore their boundless passions and fantasies in a variety of page-turning of ways. The third volume of the year’s best women’s erotica is hot off the press.

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Constant Craving

Justine Lavoie has been given an ultimatum: To save her family’s Florida newspaper, she must agree to spend a month with her ex-lover Raffaele, giving into his every desire. It is a choice she is unsure how to make. Give up her freedom in exchange for the cash she desperately needs? He has the money, she just has to say yes. This erotic tale by Tamara Lush explores the depths of human desire and the dangerous game of power dynamics and consent.

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Famed porn star and author Asa Akira has finally given readers a view into what porn actors actually find sexy off camera. We’ve all wondered what adult actors fantasize about, haven’t we? This twenty-two story collection features erotic tales from some of the world’s most famous porn stars and erotic authors. Who better to guide your erotic imagination than those who have done it all?

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The Final Score

Not into sports? Doesn’t matter. You will be after this book. Jaci Burton‘s The Final Score is two parts can’t-put-it-down romance and one part total lust. The story follows a star athlete who finds himself torn between is promising career as a professional football player and the woman of his dreams. Do yourself a favor and look at the abs on the cover of this book. If that’s not a reason to buy, I don’t know what is.

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The Best Lesbian Erotica, Volume 2

Erotica can be pretty heteronormative, but that doesn’t mean the best stuff is reserved for couples of the opposite sex. Sacchi Green’s new anthology showcases the best queer girl erotic stories of the year. From incredibly lusty one-night stands to passionate girl-on-girl trysts, this is the collection you want to have on hand this year.

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Joy Ride

Joy Ride takes the fantasy of taming the typical asshole and puts it on paper. Trust us, you don’t want to sleep on this book. From the male narrator’ point of view, this erotic novel will keep you on your toes. Our anti-hero enjoys nothing more than good sex and one night stands. He doesn’t have time for love (or a text back) … that is, of course, until he meets a gorgeous brunette who changes everything.

Will she tame the f*ckboy into submission or give him a taste of his own medicine? You’ll have to read Lauren Blakeley‘s novel to find out.

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Midtown Masters

Bring on the cam-girl kink. If you loved Sylvia Day’s Crossfire novels, you’ll be drooling over Midtown Masters. This book explores the sex lives of Suzy Park and Myer Cohen, an exhibitionist couple who viewers pay to watch on live stream. As their passion wains outside of the on-camera show, they decide to bring a client into their lives, IRL. But, like all great erotic novels, there is a sexy twist you won’t want to miss.

This is the third novel in this three part trilogy by Cara McKenna, so be sure to also order the first two books, Devil Downtown and Crosstown Crush.

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Braxton: A Scrooged Christmas

What better way to spend the holidays than reading a Christmas story that includes a lot of sex? Renowned erotica author BSM Stoneking has delivered just that. Braxton, a once abused orphan turned multi-millionaire (Hm, sounds familiar) finds himself in emotional peril when the love of his life suddenly returns. Will he be able to handle the desire that has him in knots? You will have to find out.

Braxton: A Scrooged Christmas is a title you can carry in public without a single person knowing you’re reading a bunch of raunchy sex scenes. Well, except perhaps for this shirtless man on the cover. We’re not complaining.

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Nightshift: A Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy

Who says erotica can’t bring your own fantasies into the mix? This new book from Joanna Angel gives you that opportunity. In this engaging book, the reader helps Taryn along on her kinky journey. After graduating college, Taryn finds herself working in a creepy AF sex shop. What will happen next? Who will she meet? Where will she go? Through interactive “choose your own adventure” style scenarios, you’re able to create your very own erotica book.

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Gigi Engle is a sex educator and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.