The Best Budget-Friendly Engagement Rings You Can Buy on Amazon

Mia Maguire
The Best Budget-Friendly Engagement Rings You Can Buy on Amazon
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Whether you’re on your way to tying the knot with your S.O. or simply browsing for options that you may find covetable in the future, there are plenty of styles to choose from. The age-old “rule” of thumb positing that an engagement ring should be priced at approximately three months of a person’s annual income is kind of outdated, if you ask me.

If you’re like me (and well, a lot of my millennial peers), you’re probably also on-board with a more modest and unique (and wallet-friendly) engagement ring that would allow you and your partner to say, go on an elaborate vacation or put a down payment on a home rather than drop a fortune on a piece of jewelry. In fact, I once told a long-term ex boyfriend that I’d rather receive a pair of designer boots rather than a diamond ring from my potential fiancé during the proposal.

With that being said however, and in the name of being at least, semi traditional, it is nice to have a wearable token of your special day to remember you vows and let potential suitors know that you’re definitely taken. You can get just about anything you can dream of online these days, and yes, engagement and weddings rings happen to be one of them. While you may be skeptical about the massive e-tailer selling such a sentimental piece of jewelry, there are some very impressive rings that not only look as luxe as their pricier counterparts, but also are (somehow) affordably priced.

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1. Gem Stone King Sterling Silver Cabochon Opal Ring

Opal engagement ring amazon


I love opal gems as a unique alternative to conventional engagement ring styles, and this budget-friendly options is a stunning choice.

2. DovEggs Moissanite Engagement Ring

Square engagement ring amazon


This premium ring is timeless and nuanced, yet still offers a traditional look. The square-shaped stone is also a trending style, and also a celebrity favorite.

3. TWJC Yellow Gold 14K Solid Engagement Ring

TWJC Moissanite engagement ring amazon


This affordable beautiful engagement ring features a one carat stone and comes wrapped in gift boxing, making the delivery process extra simple.

4. BERRICLE Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Ring

STYLECASTER | engagement rings amazon


This luxe engagement ring is crafted with nickel-free sterling silver and features an shiny emerald cut cubic zirconia in four-prong setting, along with two accent stones.