14 Models, Designers, and Celebs on What They’d Win an Olympic Gold Medal For

14 Models, Designers, and Celebs on What They’d Win an Olympic Gold Medal For
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I think that we can all agree that, unless our name happens to be Simone Biles or Katie Ledecky, we’re never going to get close to perfecting our double layout–half twist or beating the world record for 800-meter freestyle—but that doesn’t mean we don’t all have our unique talents.

Maybe it’s killer karaoke skills, stellar taste in birthday gifts, or an uncanny ability to become BFFs with everyone at the party—or, ya know, an actual sport. There doesn’t need to be a podium to climb on for it to count.

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That said, we could all use a little recognition—so with the Rio Olympics well underway and our collective eyes glued to the games, we asked 14 models, designers, and celebrities what they would take home the gold for. Some revealed athletic ambitions, others touted their social skills, and all reminded us that competitiveness isn’t just for Olympians. Read on for responses from Hilary Duff, Lily Aldridge, Rachel Zoe, and more.

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Hilary Duff, actress

"Flea market finds! I've found some great bowls, vintage jewelry, patches—I love sewing them on [my son] Luca’s clothing."

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Coco Rocha, model

"Lip-synching! Unfortunately, I cannot sing, but I'm good at lip-synching, so I've done it at castings where we've been told to sing. I'll do Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, old school 'Les Miz'—as cheesy as possible."

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Jasmine Tookes, model

"I used to do gymnastics, and I was competing a lot, so I would want a medal in that. It was a while ago, but I did it for 16 years. My favorite was the bars—it was always fun to go around and around and then flip off. I think I was definitely one of the tallest ones."

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Riley Keough, actress

"I'd like to get one in jujitsu so I could rub it in my husband's face—I don't actually do it, but he's really good. For me, I guess it would be serving the planet—a gold medal in world peace. I'm involved in a lot of different organizations, and every time I have off I'm working on some kind of progressive initiative. Like right now I'm working on the Dakota Access Pipeline, trying to get rid of it, and I'm building a school in Nicaragua next year."

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Shanina Shaik, model

"Running. I used to do athletics when I was younger—I did like 100, 200, 400, 800 [meter races]. That would be the ultimate dream of mine, to get a gold medal in running. As a workout regime, I do like to run every now and then to mix it up—I think in the summertime a night run is really great. I'll listen to some Rihanna and Drake and maybe some house music to get the adrenaline going."

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John Targon and Scott Studenberg, Baja East designers

JT: "Well, this probably isn't appropriate, but I would say a gold medal in crotch-watching—like you know when guys are in mesh shorts at the gym? I could win a gold medal in that. We actually could also win a medal in making friends, though—in working a party."
SS: "We actually get along with almost everyone. Between the two of us, we divide and conquer. We're really good at that."

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Candice Huffine, model

"Overthinking! I go back and forth with everything. I'm a Libra, so maybe it's a product of that—I just need to trust my gut, otherwise I'll go round and round for days. I'm coming to the conclusion now, though, that whatever makes me feel most like myself is what I'm going with. I just think, 'What's more me?' and then I go with that.

Also boxing. It calms you down—it seems contradictory, but it's a good energy release."

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Rachel Zoe, designer

"Motherhood or friendship, because I'm loyal and I'll do anything for my friends or my kids."

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Gigi Burris, milliner

"Synchronized swimming. I was a state champion when I was younger, and it's my favorite sport in the Olympics to watch. I grew up in central Florida, and it's actually quite popular there, which I guess is true for water sports in general, but I loved that it had this vintage feel and we wore these amazing headpieces and sequin bathing suits. Whenever I'm in the Hamptons, I get friends together and we'll try to do mini routines, so I'll do it pretty frequently. It's great exercise."

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Lily Aldridge, model

"Being the best mom. I'm excited for the Olympics!"

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Becca McCharen, Chromat designer

"Track and field—the sprinting events. Being the fastest woman alive would be pretty cool. I ran in high school, but I was never the best. It's so interesting the things runners do to their bodies to make them perform at that level—this obsessive, extreme body optimization."

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Andrew Rannells, actor

"I want a gold medal in press lines—giving the best endurance interviews."

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Pia Arrobio, LPA designer

"Being inclusive and not exclusive. I think I did a good job of doing stuff for [my new label] LPA that's fun for my friends. Every little bit of work that I could hire someone else, I hired my friends and let them run with it."

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Janice Alida, model

"Being a good friend. Yesterday I spent two hours trying to find a good birthday gift for my friend—something that would be really meaningful to her. It's a cookbook and she loves to cook."

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