I Don’t Even Cook & I’m Still Obsessed With These Trendy Cookware Brands

Alicia Kort
I Don’t Even Cook & I’m Still Obsessed With These Trendy Cookware Brands
Photo: Courtesy of Great Jones; OurPlace; Caraway Home; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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I’m going to be honest: I don’t like cooking. I’ve made family recipes and tried those meal kit subscriptions, but almost every single time, the whole thing just stresses me out. I don’t trust people who find making a meal relaxing! But I’ve been considering trying to become one of *those* people after seeing how darn cute the best cookware brands on the market are.

Shiny stainless steel just isn’t a look I love. It makes me feel like I’m a (bad) chef in a restaurant kitchen. That’s why it was so shocking when I found out that cookware can actually be chic now! I don’t know when exactly this happened, but colorful cookware is everywhere. The ceramic style is in, and I never want to buy anything else. These pots, pans and bakeware are something I’d actually be proud to display in my (very small) kitchen.

And in regard to all the brands on this list, they’re more than just pretty. They’re designed to be around for the long haul, meaning you might need to shell out more than you normally would, but I’m choosing to think of it as an investment into my future, more put-together self. These brands have streamlined cookware, so instead of buying tons of mis-matched cheap pots and kitchen gadgets, you’ll be inspired to get the whole set. Many of them even come with practical storage or are designed to stack within one another, so you don’t risk an avalanche when you try to reach for the fry pan!

Because these trendy cookware brands are so aesthetically pleasing, a lot of their top-selling items do have waitlists. Yes, pots and pans have waitlists! Cookware is cool now, guys! The right pan can be just as trendy as a nap dress or Telfar bag.

To get the scoop on the It Brands of cookware, read on for the tea on Our Place, Le Creuset, Great Jones and more.

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Stylecaster | Best Cookware Brands

Courtesy of Our Place.

The Trendsetter: Our Place

You’ve probs seen this pan all over Insta and TikTok, since Gen Z and millennials like appliances and cookware that are multi-purpose. The non-stick Always Pan can fry, braise, boil and even steam your food. It comes with a built-in spoon rest and a spatula. Instead of having three different pots and pans on your stovetop, you just need one, which is fab news for people with small kitchens. Plus, look how pretty it is.

The Always Pan comes in six amazing shades, some of which you can snap right up and others that require a preorder. In addition to their iconic pan, Our Place also carries dishes, bowls and glassware.


Stylecaster | Best Cookware Brands

Courtesy of Caraway.

The Full Set: Caraway

If you’re sick of your $15 skillet and looking for an adult-worthy upgrade, Caraway makes some high-quality cookware sets that are also aesthetically pleasing AF. You can get everything you need in one set and not have to hunt around for matching cookware, so they’re also super convenient. Sure, the brand is def pricey, but each piece of cookware is coated in colorful ceramic, so you won’t ever have to replace it.

In their classic Cookware Set, you save $100 and get a fry pan, a sauce pan, a sauté pan and a dutch oven. But that’s not even everything! You also get a magnetic pan rack and canvas lid holder, so that solves all your storage questions. In addition to their glorious cookware, the brand also sells some super cute linens to make you feel like a five-star chef.


Stylecaster | Best Cookware Brands

Courtesy of Great Jones.

The Baker: Great Jones

Umm, have you ever seen a more stunning cookware set? I haven’t. Great Jones is a must-have for bakers in particular, whether you’re talented enough to be a contestant on the Great British Baking Show or you’re a newbie who just loves sweets. Think of how pretty your already-beautiful bakes will look in these pans and tins.

With the Fully Baked Set, you’ll get two cake pans, two loaf pans, a pie plate, a ceramic casserole dish and a sheet pan. Plus, they’re high-temp and dishwasher safe. Mark my words, this is the set that’s going to be in everyone’s kitchen by the end of this year. It’s currently available for pre-order, and you don’t want to have FOMO when they finally ship out.


Stylecaster | Best Cookware Brands

Courtesy of Equal Parts.

The Budget: Equal Parts

Another brand I’ve got my eye on for everyday cookware essentials is Equal Parts. If your fry pan has seen better days, check out this fan-favorite option here. You’ll be inspired to fry up some eggs or veggies every day. The pan has a non-stick ceramic coating and thrives in heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it doesn’t have any teflon, lead or synthetic coating, so you know you’re cooking your food in a safe pan.

If you like the look of this minimalist pan, you can also check out Equal Parts’ other offerings including the cookware set, which comes with a stock pot, a large pan, the fry pan, a sauce pan and two universal lids. Talk about everything you need for a starter setup! All of these pieces are designed to stack within one another for easy storage, too. The cookware comes in light blue, navy, black, cream and red, so pick your fave or mix and match.


Stylecaster | Best Cookware Brands

Courtesy of Le Creuset.

The Classic: Le Creuset

Yes, yes, I know your mom and grandma have Le Creuset at your home. You might think that automatically makes it uncool, but Le Creuset transcends generations. They’re the OG enameled ceramic cookware brand. Late last year, TikTok discovered Le Creuset and went nuts for the French cookware brand. The colors, the quality and the aesthetic made Le Creuset an aspirational kitchen must-have.

Le Creuset’s most popular piece of cookware is by far their dutch oven, which will last you literal decades. You can make everything in them from cakes to steaks! The rest of their cookware and bakeware is gorgeous, too. Everything costs an arm and a leg, but you’ll never have to replace anything, so consider it an investment in your future.

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